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Strength Training to increase Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)

The question "aerobic vs. anaerobic workouts [...]" shows that anaerobic exercise has positive benefits for weight loss since anaerobic exercise has been found to induce a high change in RMR: 7% ...
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Do people with slow metabolism tend to gain weight (fat) if they stop exercising?

So, my height is 5'4" and I weigh around 83 kg which gives a pretty bad ratio of BMI. My Triglyceride level is 238 mg/dl (desirable amount should be <160), HDL Cholesterol is 31 mg/dl (borderline ...
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What's the necessity of cardio for fat burning?

I hear all rumors about that only with cardio you will burn fat properly. But why should I do cardio, instead of weightlifting? isn't it all about the caloric deficit? I don't see why I should replace ...
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Home excercises to burn fat everyday?

I'm living in a hostel right now and they give us a lot to eat, so I'm afraid that in a couple of months I may get a little obese. Because of that I wanted to know if you can give me a set of ...
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What macros ratio should I follow?

I'm a skinny fat guy. Height: 184 CM, weight: 81 kg, body fat: 15%, Shape: shitty. Right now I started lifting heavy, and I'm following a maintenance calories intake. But, I don't know how to ...
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How to construct a compound movement workout including the Super sets?

I have been doing compound movement workout for like 3 months now, could see the results in overall strength, and fat loss, but how do I now include some super sets in that workout for looking toned? ...
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Goals in order: run faster, lose bodyfat

Some background Male, born 1991, 184 cm, desk job In November 2016 I was about 103kg. Went to a dietitian and began a diet based on healthy balance of foods, breakfast, snacks between meals, food ...
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Losing weight altough eating normal because of bouldering?

I have always had a bit of fat on my body. I was never fat nor even chubby but always 4-5kg too much on myself. I just thought it to be my genes because my whole life i did a bit of sports. Going ...
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Strict keto diet - still not losing weight [closed]

I need some help please. I’m 40, female and 173cm tall I used to be fit and active but over the last 8 years a combination of back problem, depression and insomnia mean things have slipped quite a ...
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DEXA scan showing I gain more muscle when restricting calories. Why?

It's common parlance in the bodybuilding and muscle building world to assume that you need a surplus or diet above TDEE over constant periods called "bulking" in order to build muscle. I refused to do ...
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Can a workout be too short?

I am trying to build up some basic fitness from basically zero. But, I have to spend quite some time in front of a computer-screen. Gyms drive me crazy (too many people around...) and running just is ...
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why arms flabby after 5x5 stronglifts?

A little background I have been lifting for a couple years now as a newb but have been able to get my muscles a bit toned and defined they were a bit flabby but not to the extent they are now. This is ...
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Weight loss/gain around rib cage (women)

I bought my wedding dress back in December and it fit perfectly. I have been away for 4 months for a ski season and have come home to find my dress is too small around my rib cage and won't do up. ...
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Feeling always tired even doing exercices

I am 28, 174 cm, 110 KG of pure fat :D and I always feel tired. I used to cycle to work about 20 KM per day but In a low pace, about 9-10Km/h. Now I changed my job and I cycle 15 km to get to drop my ...
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How do we tone up at this point?

My friend and I had started working with Zumba Gold at the end of June 2015 for 5 days a week, from 20-30 minutes. We enjoy exercising to music which makes it less monotonous. We have also found ...
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What should I do to lose weight? [duplicate]

I'm 6 foot, 330 pounds. I'm 18 years old and I've been big all my life. I want to lose body fat and build muscle. I work out everyday now. I don't know if I should focus more on my workout or my ...
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cycling 10km everyday for fitness and weightloss

I am 38 year old male 173cm height and weighing 80kgs and yes my bmi is little above normal. I have been on and off working out in gym through my 20s but never serious could bench max 80kg. I recent ...
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Cardio or Strength training?

I'm absolutely new to fitness and want to start exercising. So which should I start first? I want to build lean masculine body.
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Difficulty losing inches [duplicate]

I am a lady in her mid-30s. Before marriage in 2012 I was 5'4", 115 lbs, had a 34" chest, a 26" waist, and 37" hips In 2014, I had a miscarriage after 12 weeks, and the weight stayed on. Now, my ...
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Can exercises such as squats, lunges and push-ups replace running and jogging to lose fat?

Due to an injury to my right knee, it precludes me from activities such as running and jogging as it places considerable strain and intensity which results in pains. Since i have gained weight since ...
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Best online program for fat loss [duplicate]

I have come across programs like Kris gethin and jym stoppani....I want to lose fat and build muscle...I need a weight loss of around 20kilos too....I would ask will the program help me with my goal......
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Should I start taking supplements other than my protein?

I started my journey towards a healthier lifestyle on January 2014 weighing 253 lbs, I did weight routines and HIIT(once a week) followed a STRICT diet and managed to drop to 218lbs by the end of the ...
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Workout using only dumbbells to burn fat and build muscles?

I have no time to go to the gym, my house is very small to buy large gym equipments and all I can buy is a set of dumbbells. I have only one hour per day to train. Currently I'm 79 KGs and I want to ...
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Good exercises for lower pecs without weights

Note: I'm just trying to get in shape over the summer while I'm away from school so I'm an amateur when it comes to physical fitness and I might not know what I'm talking about. As of right now I'm ...
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Android app for fat people [closed]

I'm fat. I want to do exercises & look like Zyzz but I get bored fast. It would help me if I could set a goal. Let's say 30 minutes per day. So I'm looking for an app where I can set a daily ...
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please help me i am suffering from fat chest!

I am a 17 year old, 12th grade student. I weigh 78 kgs and am 5 feet 5 inches tall. I am a good student but I could have done 100 times better if I did not have moobs. I want to lose chest fat, ...
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Is 2-hour cardio healthy?

I would like to try doing 2 hour cardio everyday for a week. Maybe 3 hour if I can. I was wondering if there would be any side effects? My goal is to increase calory deficit to 2000-3000 daily. My ...
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Is weight loss possible without cardio?

I have been advised by my doctor not to do any running, dancing type of exercise which puts stress on my legs due to a leg condition. Being on bed rest for nearly a month and a very sedentary ...
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All activity is the same for weight loss?

There was a recent study in the Journal of Applied Physiology, where they took a cohort of 96 obese people and started them on different exercise regimens, as well as a targeted 30% deficit in daily ...
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Weight loss and weight lifting

Hi all I am new here but would like to ask a question. I started out at 390 lbs and switched to a plant based diet on Jan 1st 2015. I am down to 335, now my question is 6 weeks ago I started lifting ...
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