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Do people with slow metabolism tend to gain weight (fat) if they stop exercising?

So, my height is 5'4" and I weigh around 83 kg which gives a pretty bad ratio of BMI. My Triglyceride level is 238 mg/dl (desirable amount should be <160), HDL Cholesterol is 31 mg/dl (borderline ...
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Goals in order: run faster, lose bodyfat

Some background Male, born 1991, 184 cm, desk job In November 2016 I was about 103kg. Went to a dietitian and began a diet based on healthy balance of foods, breakfast, snacks between meals, food ...
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Losing weight altough eating normal because of bouldering?

I have always had a bit of fat on my body. I was never fat nor even chubby but always 4-5kg too much on myself. I just thought it to be my genes because my whole life i did a bit of sports. Going ...
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Good exercises for lower pecs without weights

Note: I'm just trying to get in shape over the summer while I'm away from school so I'm an amateur when it comes to physical fitness and I might not know what I'm talking about. As of right now I'm ...
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cycling 10km everyday for fitness and weightloss

I am 38 year old male 173cm height and weighing 80kgs and yes my bmi is little above normal. I have been on and off working out in gym through my 20s but never serious could bench max 80kg. I recent ...
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Should I start taking supplements other than my protein?

I started my journey towards a healthier lifestyle on January 2014 weighing 253 lbs, I did weight routines and HIIT(once a week) followed a STRICT diet and managed to drop to 218lbs by the end of the ...
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How far to run at the beginning?

I would like to start running because someone told me that I can minimize my belly by running. I am not very trained so I am asking how far I should start running in the beginning. Thanks for ...
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cardio before or after weights?

145 pounds, 170cm tall, female. been doing cardio & weight lifting for 2 months with good diet, goal is to lose body fat and gain muscle. what is the science behind doing weights before/after ...
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How do we tone up at this point?

My friend and I had started working with Zumba Gold at the end of June 2015 for 5 days a week, from 20-30 minutes. We enjoy exercising to music which makes it less monotonous. We have also found ...
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How do I lose body fat without losing body weight?

Right now, I'm currently doing light exercises every other day, and I am following the Paleo Diet. By light exercises, I mean : 10 pushups 15 squats 15 arm lifts Repeat for 3 sets In the months ...
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How to construct a compound movement workout including the Super sets?

I have been doing compound movement workout for like 3 months now, could see the results in overall strength, and fat loss, but how do I now include some super sets in that workout for looking toned? ...
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please help me i am suffering from fat chest!

I am a 17 year old, 12th grade student. I weigh 78 kgs and am 5 feet 5 inches tall. I am a good student but I could have done 100 times better if I did not have moobs. I want to lose chest fat, ...
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Android app for fat people [closed]

I'm fat. I want to do exercises & look like Zyzz but I get bored fast. It would help me if I could set a goal. Let's say 30 minutes per day. So I'm looking for an app where I can set a daily ...
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Best online program for fat loss [duplicate]

I have come across programs like Kris gethin and jym stoppani....I want to lose fat and build muscle...I need a weight loss of around 20kilos too....I would ask will the program help me with my goal......
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Difficulty losing inches [duplicate]

I am a lady in her mid-30s. Before marriage in 2012 I was 5'4", 115 lbs, had a 34" chest, a 26" waist, and 37" hips In 2014, I had a miscarriage after 12 weeks, and the weight stayed on. Now, my ...
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