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What macros ratio should I follow?

I'm a skinny fat guy. Height: 184 CM, weight: 81 kg, body fat: 15%, Shape: shitty. Right now I started lifting heavy, and I'm following a maintenance calories intake. But, I don't know how to ...
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Legs gave out after 55 squats? [closed]

I havent worked out consistently in 3 years, and have been trying to get back into it cuz i miss being skinny and fit. Im around 175lbs at 5'5" which is...not healthy at all if you look at the amount ...
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Should strength training be altered according to whether you're seeking size vs strength?

When I read about strength training, the advice often comes with the assumption that the reader wants to get "big". I want to achieve strength, but would prefer not to increase size too much if ...
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Underweight female-gym routines?

So, I am 5'4" and weigh 90 pound (20 yrs old). I went to the gym for the first time today and well, for squats I can't even lift the bar itself. As for the leg press, I can do it but not with any ...
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Identify the muscle group associated with back rounding and straightening

I am trying to improve my deadlifts. One trouble area is the bottom of the deadlift when I just pick up the barbell and my back wants to round--though I resist that. I want to figure out what muscle/...
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Protein supplement recommendation based on diet

I am body building along with 1 day cardio but i think that i am not taking enough protein in a day. So this is what my diet is : Preworkout : Milk or sometimes oats with milk After workout : 1 ...
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Feeling always tired even doing exercices

I am 28, 174 cm, 110 KG of pure fat :D and I always feel tired. I used to cycle to work about 20 KM per day but In a low pace, about 9-10Km/h. Now I changed my job and I cycle 15 km to get to drop my ...
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New to fitness. Joined Gym. Trainer is always busy. What do I do?

I joined Gym recently. The trainers dont help much. I was given a card with what exercises to do (2 day split with cardio). I do not know how to operate the machines. No one helps. I would love to do ...
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Cardio or Strength training?

I'm absolutely new to fitness and want to start exercising. So which should I start first? I want to build lean masculine body.
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Determine weaker muscle group

I've heard that it's useful to determine your weakest muscle group and to work more on it. Sometimes it can been clearly seen, but if not, how do I actually do it? Is there some approximate ...
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Seemingly useless workout

A little background: In January of last year, I decided to shed some weight. I was then 97 Kg (213 pounds), and 1.93 meters tall (6.3 feet). Even without working out, last September, I weighed 82 Kg ...
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DEXA scan showing I gain more muscle when restricting calories. Why?

It's common parlance in the bodybuilding and muscle building world to assume that you need a surplus or diet above TDEE over constant periods called "bulking" in order to build muscle. I refused to do ...
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Body Building for 40+

I am 42 and would like to start doing some body building exercises (especially my chest and arms). Is this something achievable or the age factor will be an obstacle? if so, can I use same routines ...
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Is this workout plan sufficient

I only weightlift at home since we have a bench press with a preacher, bicep curl, leg extension, and leg curl. And also stationary bike with elliptical for cardios. Morning (Fasting): Cardio: ...
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I need suggestion about gym workout

I'm male, my height is 5.6" and my weight is 78 kg. I already going to gym for 2 month (4 days a week) , I want to change my program, what is the best program for me? It hard for me to do it alone, ...
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