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Questions about working out

I started going to the gym about 3 weeks ago and I'm confused about some things: When I started, my muscles were sore after the workout and I did some research and found out that it's completely ...
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What macros ratio should I follow?

I'm a skinny fat guy. Height: 184 CM, weight: 81 kg, body fat: 15%, Shape: shitty. Right now I started lifting heavy, and I'm following a maintenance calories intake. But, I don't know how to ...
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I need suggestion about gym workout

I'm male, my height is 5.6" and my weight is 78 kg. I already going to gym for 2 month (4 days a week) , I want to change my program, what is the best program for me? It hard for me to do it alone, ...
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Powerlift/strongman program for beginner?

Im 270lb 6'2, starting back into the gym, i've gone 4 times now. I've always wanted to see if I could excel in max strength and strongmen type of lifts. I've seen this What's a good strength ...
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How to construct a compound movement workout including the Super sets?

I have been doing compound movement workout for like 3 months now, could see the results in overall strength, and fat loss, but how do I now include some super sets in that workout for looking toned? ...
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Working out fatigued muscles!

A lot of split routines recommend training chest with triceps and back with biceps. Doesn't fatigue play a role when working out triceps and biceps after a relatively tough chest and back workout ...
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Time per workouts using ab wheel for bigger abs workout

What are the workouts that will give me results using only an ab wheel. How much time should it be good to make them huge? I can do all day, I eat healthily but what I want is really to focus only to ...
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Training different parts in turn

I work on my abs twice a week, usually I do it on my leg, chest days. Can I train chest and abs in turn? Example: 30min chest 5min abs 10min chest 5min abs 5min shoulder 5min abs 5min shoulder 5min ...
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Are BCAA supplements and/or creatine necessary when balancing power and cardio training?

Background: I am 33 y.o. about 1.77 (which is like 5'10in) around 200-205 lbs. According to BMI measurements I am overweight but in reality I have a big frame, broad shoulders and compact built, ...
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Underweight female-gym routines?

So, I am 5'4" and weigh 90 pound (20 yrs old). I went to the gym for the first time today and well, for squats I can't even lift the bar itself. As for the leg press, I can do it but not with any ...
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Dedicate one whole day for abs

I work out three days a week, two times per day (very early and very late in the day), just because I like it (I don't have a massive body, but literally working out makes me feel good so I go there ...
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How fit does my body need to be before starting weight training?

I used to lift weights, and I loved it. I'd like to get back into it. The problem is, I have all the symptoms that come with extended computer work. Anterior (and lateral) pelvic tilt, bound up ...
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Protein supplement recommendation based on diet

I am body building along with 1 day cardio but i think that i am not taking enough protein in a day. So this is what my diet is : Preworkout : Milk or sometimes oats with milk After workout : 1 ...
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Is this good or not

I need some help. I made a plan for my exercises and they go like this. Monday-biceps,1 hour Tuesday-chest,1 hour Wednesday-Rest Thursday-shoulders,1 hour Friday-triceps,1 hour Rest Rest I do ...
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Which exercises best treat an existing runners knee injury

What easy and effective exercises exist to treat an existing runners knee injury? Runners knee often occurs when quadriceps are too weak to support the knees. Thigh-strengthening exercises are needed. ...
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