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What's the best way for me to start weightlifting?

I've always wanted to lift weights and honestly have no idea where to begin. How do I get started? Do I need to join a gym? find a personal trainer? buy a book and weights? find a friend who ...
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Will Pilates kill my gains?

I am planning to start pilates for better posture and also weight training. I am planning to go to pilates in my rest days. But I am concerned with two things: 1) Will pilates kill my gains? Because ...
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Specific exercises to cure anxiety

I have read somewhere that exercise can also help in curing depression and anxiety. I am suffering from anxiety from last 4-5 years. Is there any specific exercises that I can do to cure my anxiety ...
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Absolute Beginner in Weight Training

History: I am an absolute beginner to the world of fitness and nutrition. I'm a classical geek that spends most of the time in front of the computer writing code, fixing stuff. I've purchased a set ...
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How fit does my body need to be before starting weight training?

I used to lift weights, and I loved it. I'd like to get back into it. The problem is, I have all the symptoms that come with extended computer work. Anterior (and lateral) pelvic tilt, bound up ...
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Is it wrong to workout more than once a day?

Yesterday, I did a fairly heavy upper body workout around 11am. I worked my arms until I could barely move the EZ bar to put it away. A while later, at around 7pm, I had had a couple drinks, and ...
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Workout Suggestions for a 260lbs person that wont cause serious injury on the joints

I am 6"1 and around 264.5lbs (or around about 120kg). I really love working out and i have been losing some weight, but i can't do cardiovascular training or most body-weight type training due to the ...
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Neck problems, are massages the best answer?

I'm in my mid-30s now, and much of work is done in front of a computer - all day and night. Gone are the days in which I play basketball, run track, and hit the weight room 5 or 6 days a week. I now ...
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What macros ratio should I follow?

I'm a skinny fat guy. Height: 184 CM, weight: 81 kg, body fat: 15%, Shape: shitty. Right now I started lifting heavy, and I'm following a maintenance calories intake. But, I don't know how to ...
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Should strength training be altered according to whether you're seeking size vs strength?

When I read about strength training, the advice often comes with the assumption that the reader wants to get "big". I want to achieve strength, but would prefer not to increase size too much if ...
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Is 2-hour cardio healthy?

I would like to try doing 2 hour cardio everyday for a week. Maybe 3 hour if I can. I was wondering if there would be any side effects? My goal is to increase calory deficit to 2000-3000 daily. My ...
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Cardio or Strength training?

I'm absolutely new to fitness and want to start exercising. So which should I start first? I want to build lean masculine body.
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Body Building for 40+

I am 42 and would like to start doing some body building exercises (especially my chest and arms). Is this something achievable or the age factor will be an obstacle? if so, can I use same routines ...
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What are some exercises that let me sit properly?

What are some exercises that let me sit properly? I'm a 23, healthy male but never sit properly in a chair in my life. As a kid I forced myself to hunch to hide my belly and it was the reason of my ...
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Feeling always tired even doing exercices

I am 28, 174 cm, 110 KG of pure fat :D and I always feel tired. I used to cycle to work about 20 KM per day but In a low pace, about 9-10Km/h. Now I changed my job and I cycle 15 km to get to drop my ...
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