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abs visible but there arent horizontal lines [duplicate]

Hello my abs are seemed but I think I haven't created good.What I mean if you look me you can see that my abs are visible but I haven't created horizontal lines.I have the vertical between that ...
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What's the best exercise to get more well defined abs, a.k.a Muscle hypertrophy [duplicate]

I've searched the internet for core exercises for building abs, and I'm a little bit confused. Some say that sit-ups is great for getting well defined abs, while some say you only get better at doing ...
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Do Electric Muscle Stimulators really work for losing weight?

For whom doesn't know, EMS definition: Electrical Muscle Stimulation, also known as neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) or electromyostimulation, is the elicitation of muscle ...
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Are crunches an effective exercise for building the abs?

Vince Gironda was famous for training people like Arnold and Lou Ferrigno and operating Vince's Gym. He was one of the OGs of professional bodybuilding. There's a story I've heard more than once ...
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Lower back pain when performing lying leg raise

I was trying to do the exercise "Leg raising" : The problem is that : First it feels very difficult while raising my legs with a sharp lower back pain. Inaddition, during moving my legs up and ...
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Deadlifts and squats with hyperlordosis?

Im 22 years old, 170cm, ~90kh weight, starting some efforts to get in shape. Im going to the gym 3 times a week, trying to stay in a 6-10 rep per set range, changed my diet to low-carb, trying to put ...
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not feeling abs working out

first of all I just want to say that I have an Excessive Anterior Pelvic Tilt. When I am working out my abs I don't feel anything except when I do crunches on the machine. any other workout just ...
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Is there a benefit to doing crunches over sit-ups?

Leaving aside the health risks (As per Wikipedia, "Some argue that situps can be dangerous due to high compressive lumbar load"), is there any benefit to doing crunches as opposed to sit-ups? From ...
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Beginner in physical fitness, need tips and advices

I am 18 years old, 174 cm tall, 60 kg weight male. I am very skinny, and haven't trained for ages. Last few years I've been living very unhealthy way of life - spending way too much time in front of ...
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What are the benefits or drawbacks of full sit ups vs crunches?

I generally do full sit ups, I just prefer them to crunches. But are there any benefits or drawbacks of full sit ups over crunches?
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Crunches before or after sit-ups?

I use a machine to do 8-12 crunches to failure. I also like to perform sit-ups to failure (and I feel it in the front of my hips, not my abs). Does it matter in which order I do these two exercises? ...
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Fitness plan for an achieving high school freshman

About myself: I am a high school freshman and in the past months it has dawned on me that exercise is way to important to ignore as I did for the ~8 months prior when I was struggling with anxiety ...
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Training lower trapezius

Recently I had some neck and shoulder pain and my physiotherapist said it is because my monkey-like posture developed from using laptop for too long. Among other things he recommended some exercises ...
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How can I gain weight?

I am 16, a girl and I cannot gain weight. Before, I didnt really care that I was too skinny, I am naturally skinny and eat whatever I want when I want. Now I exercise in sports and still eat whatever, ...
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How to avoid back pain when you are older?

I have read that nearly 80% of Americans complain about back pain sometime in their life, usually nearer to the end of it. I am wondering what you can do when you're young, and what not to do when you'...
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