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stretching after work out [duplicate]

Is strertching after every workout is optimal and good to our body? I ussually do a strength traninig. I notice that I feel better after that but I dont know if it is good
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Best warm up for running

Trying to figure out the best warmup routine for running. I see a few articles that say you shouldn't do any stretching before warming up given cold muscles. This article for example, just states ...
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My trainer insists on stretching before any exercise, even warming up. Should I be worried?

He wants to start out by doing rather strenuous, even slightly painful, static stretches, mostly in the legs, followed by 10-20 minutes of cardio and then the rest of the workout is mostly lifting. We ...
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Knees are sore when running for the first 10 minutes but fine after?

I am training for a half marathon in October and have started my training two weeks ago. I used to run as part of my boxing training but gave it up 7 years ago as I broke my arm. I never ran far ...
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What to do first, stretching or walking?

Should you do stretching before walking or walking and stretching? What do you mean by warming up? How do you warm up?
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Why doesn't stretching feel good?

I hear people say they like to stretch out because it feels good. I've never had that experience. It's not painful, but it's somewhere between unpleasant and neutral. Hence, stretching is work, and I ...
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Is stretching cold muscles before cycling harmful?

For most of my life, I stretched out before cycling to avoid cramps or pulling a muscle. However, I discovered last year that I could skip stretching exercises in favor of a slightly extended warm-up ...
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How do I promote connective tissue health/strength?

Muscles can be trained and grown. Stretching can prevent injury to muscles, joints, and connective tissue. But can connective tissues (tendons, ligaments) be trained and strengthened like muscles can,...
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Should you massage then stretch or stretch then massage your muscles?

When you're doing both, should you use a roller to massage your muscles first, stretch first, or does it not matter? My routine includes trying to do this twice a day which includes after running, ...
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Pre-workout - static vs dynamic stretches

While checking out some workout videos, I can across one from Jillian Micheals where she says, "you never want to do static stretches until after the workout is over and you're doing cool down". Why ...
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Best stretches before weight training

I have a set of stretches I generally do; not sure where I got them from, but they seem to work for me. (I use them for general stretching, not strength training). Now that I'm starting weight ...
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Should I stretch before exercising?

Should stretching be done before exercise? Does the type of exercise (running, weight training, swimming) affect the answer?
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Skateboarding After Thirty

I'm a 33 year old male that has recently taken up skateboarding for the physical and mental health benefits. For the first few weeks I became cardiovascularly and respitorially fatigued before ...
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As a novice/intermediate, how to change to a bodybuilding routine while incorporating these two main goals

A bit of historic and personal info: I'm 24yo, have 5'9 (1,75m) and 213lbs (97kg), more or less 22%BF. I've begin to weight training in my 15, but never got it serious. Trained for one year, stooped ...
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Types of stretching

I know that there are different types of stretching, such as dynamic and static. How many other types of stretching do exist and what are the basic differences between them?
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