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Weight-gain through Protein shakes [duplicate]

Well I do very little working out because I have a busy schedule with working and school...every now and then I'll try to walk around the neighborhood for 40 minutes,but this is every blue moon I'm 5'...
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Basically, I am a 15 year old boy, 5f 11". I weight about 10st/140lb/63.5kg. For the last month I have been exercising by just doing random push ups/sit ups throughout the day (roughly 100 push ups ...
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Just finished fasting and lost around 6 kilograms, now my abdominal muscles are perfectly visible. Now I want to gain back even more weight, but only muscle weight cause I want to maintain my eight ...
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I am 6-2 I weigh 8 stone and I can’t seem to work out if working on one muscle a day is better than working on a group of muscle a day I also have a fast metabolism and I can’t seen to get a good ...
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26 old 6 height 105 LBS. Worried about my weight [closed]

I am 26 MALE, Height 6 FT, and my weight is 105LBS. I have been skinny my whole life. I gone through a lot in my life. alot of insults, everybody laughs at me. I want to end all of this now. I want to ...
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