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Is there any equipment/method that might help growing height?(20 yo male) [duplicate]

Sorry, this might be a dumb question, but I'm a 20 year-old male, only 170cm, I know I only have 1-2 years left for growing, and I've been trying everything to help me to grow height. Recently I just ...
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Can I increase my height after 24? [duplicate]

I am 24 years old. I am ready to do exercise and yoga too..
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I am 22 years old & 5feet 2inches tall. I wanna become taller. what do I do? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to Increase height naturally? Are those ads gimmicks? I am 22 years old. And I am just 5feet 2inches tall. I wanna become taller. I have heard that there is an injection ...
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How to gain height after 21 years?(am racewalker) [duplicate]

I am a racewalker and need longer legs! I am 21 years old and my height is 5'5". I am really concerned about my height. I do stretching daily and I have gained 1cm in 1 month. Can you please help me ...
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I want to grow taller? [duplicate]

I'm 15 years old and only 5'2 and about 47kg. I can't help it anymore and I really want to get taller, as I hate seeing my friends grow to about 6'0 and i stay shorter as if i'm their kid. My dad is 5'...
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Effect of muscular excercise on height growth [duplicate]

I am 16 years old. .I am a bit less than 5 feet 7 inch.I want my height 6 feet.But I have just joined gym and started muscular excercise of triceps, biceps ,shoulder and chest to gain muscles.Will ...
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Is it possible to get taller after 25? [duplicate]

I'm 25 years old and will become 26 in few months. I'm 173cm, is it possible to still get height with certain exercises? Note that I'm 75KGs with 7KGs as extra weight and now I'm working out to lose ...
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Increasing height by back/neck straightening exercises? [duplicate]

Is it possible that an adult could add height (or rather appear taller) by posture correcting exercises? Besides Wall Angel exercise and stretching exercises, what would help? How much could this ...
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Genetics-healthy foods-workouts result get taller [duplicate]

Genetics are 70% or 80% that influence how tall we will be. 20% is food how healhty we eat.I came to ask three questions.First, workouts arent influence our body how tall could we be?I give an example,...
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can i increase my height when i am 18? [duplicate]

Sir i am 18 yr old male, i wanna get taller, presently i am 5'8 inches (172 cms) can i get taller at least 5'11 (180 cms) or 6 foot please Most of my friends are 6 foot and i am the short one even ...
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get taller advertisment [duplicate]

I have seen on internet a site that claims you can become tall even after 25. You can take many inches. There are many fotos before and after from many humans. I search it and I find different ...
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Are there actually substances that can make a person not just larger but also taller? [duplicate]

Sometimes I see adverts on internet peddling supplements that seems to be able to make a person, not just bigger, but also taller? Are any chemicals (whether legal or illegal) actually able to do ...
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Do Growth plates determine height [duplicate]

Having checked other SE answers and ongoing through one of the answers here, I got to know that fusion of growth plates determine the height. Does that mean that someone's growth plates have not ...
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Is there any sport that helps increase height? [duplicate]

im 13 and i want to be taller is ther any sports can help to increase height cause im Short compared to the same age hope find a sport
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Growing up by playing sports [duplicate]

Someone says that if you play basketball or something like that, your lenght will grow up. Indeed, I don't believe this. By the way, I wanted to take your ideas. What do you think about it? Regards
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