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Son is unable to squat without heels coming up and knees collapsing in [duplicate]

My son is a 15 year old competitive gymnast. He is being impeded by the fact that he has very poor ankle dorsiflexion. When asked to squat he can barely squat down. If asked to go further down, his ...
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How do I squat if I can't keep my heels on the floor?

I was told that I was doing the squats incorrectly because I was lifting the heels. I was told to try and do them without lifting the heels but I can't lower myself more than a few centimeters. The ...
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What are some good stretches to help with squatting?

It seems a lot of form problems with the squats are caused by inadequate flexibility - I think mainly in the hamstrings and also the shoulders. What are some good stretches that can be used to ...
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Excercises to try correct knees pointing inward

Since asking this question quite some time ago I have been on a quest to be able to squat. I quickly managed to solve the ankle issue I was having by stretching daily against objects under my desk at ...
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How to ease tight soleus

I'm slowly starting to increase my running frequency (average distance of 5-7km) after a sporadic couple of months with injury. I'm noticing that my calves are always sore and very tight/pumped when ...
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Overhead Squat Assistance Work

My next fitness goal is 15 overhead squats with a barbell that has been loaded with my own bodyweight. I just went today and tried my first set. After lots of stretching and warmups, I did three ...
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Importance of flexibility

First, some context: I'm a 32 years old developer who spends most of the day sit, go to swimming classes once a week, and does weightlifting (at home) whenever it finds time, now moving from ...
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What is the correct dose and frequency of aerobic exercise for unconditioned middle age people?

This is the general question: How often and how long should do soft aerobic exercise a middle-aged man in his 40s, provided that he his healthy but out of shape? If possible, please focus your answer ...
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developing calf and hip flexor flexibility

I've been doing karate for years now, but I've noticed that my calves and hip flexors are extremely inflexible. My knees can barely move past my toes when flexing my calves, and my hip flexors are so ...
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The leg workout

I am an ectomorph, looking to increase muscle and mass. My previous leg workout was, Smith Squats Dumbbell lunges Leg extension Leg curls and Calf raises New workout is, Leg Press Leg ...
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Improve ankle dorsiflexion for full squat

I've been trying to do a full squat, heels on the ground, for a while. It's become apparent that my ankle dorsiflexion is the weak link in the chain - my hip mobility is good, thigh strength OK, back ...
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Would short Achilles tendons keep you from touching your toes?

I am 69 and I do stretching exercises such as touching my toes. Today I discovered that my nine year old granddaughter, who suffers with short achilles tendons, also can not bend over ... barely at ...
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What exercises can improve my squat depth? I'm limited by how far my knees go over my toes

I have trouble getting low in my attempts at "ass to grass" squats. I have realized my calves are to blame for lack of motion what should I do to improve their flexibility?
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Increasing ankle (dorsiflexion) mobility

I have my own method for this and I'd like either confirmation that it's an acceptable solution or a reason why it's not and better alternatives. The reason I'm framing the question like this is ...
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