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Is it necessary to warm up before doing a modest number of push ups?

I do just a few push ups (10 to 20), not an excessive amount. It helps me to increase focus on my work during a day. Is a warm up necessary before doing these or can I go without?
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How to train for leg explosive power?

One of my physical test requirements are standing broad jumps. What methods are there to train for standing broad jumps or leg explosive power in general? And which precautions do I have to take so ...
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Pre-workout - static vs dynamic stretches

While checking out some workout videos, I can across one from Jillian Micheals where she says, "you never want to do static stretches until after the workout is over and you're doing cool down". Why ...
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Playing squash, but overweight, what I should watch out for?

I am planning on playing squash once a week with a friend of mine, so on a casual level, however I am overweight (well squash would help in that sense for me lose weight also) and I go to gym ...
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Importance of flexibility

First, some context: I'm a 32 years old developer who spends most of the day sit, go to swimming classes once a week, and does weightlifting (at home) whenever it finds time, now moving from ...
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What is the correct dose and frequency of aerobic exercise for unconditioned middle age people?

This is the general question: How often and how long should do soft aerobic exercise a middle-aged man in his 40s, provided that he his healthy but out of shape? If possible, please focus your answer ...
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How to exercise muscles that are prone to strains?

I have a few muscles that are prone to strains--lower right hamstring, right pectoral just where it meets the deltoid in my armpit. I have strained these muscles multiple times both by working out ...
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What exactly does it mean to warm up?

I've heard many times that warming up lower the risk for injury, but I have no idea why that is. From the tag warmup A warm-up is light exercise usually performed before participating in technical ...
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Developing a training routine outside the gym

I am a CS student and hence spend long hours sitting on my desk. I am trying to establish a routine targeted towards cardio (since I have had asthma in the past) and building muscle mass(since my ...
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Stiff calf after 20 minutes of cycling

My doctor has recommended cycling to heal from a leg injury. I think it is working, but, unfortunately, another problem is arising. My right leg was injured (in the Adductor) and I seem to ...
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