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remove belly fat but am already slim only belly fat [duplicate]

i have lot of fat in my stomach area am trying to remove how do i remove belly fat without using equipment am already slim and my weight is just 64kg and 5.80 tall can some one advice me what to do ...
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Best way to reduce side belly fat? [duplicate]

I have a lot of fat on the sides of my belly above my waist, and keeps increasing the more I eat. Question: What's the best way to reduce the fat here, though I do have fat in the belly and chest ...
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How to get rid of cellulite? [duplicate]

What types of workouts or other things need to be done in order get rid of cellulite?
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Skinny guy with belly fat [duplicate]

I am 5.8" and 67k. My chest is 38" bt belly at the middle 34, which is full of fat in lower abdomen. It seems really bad. I do not need a six pack but a lean abdomen. Plz help me to get rid of the ...
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How do I start a diet? [duplicate]

I want to lose weight. I have noticed that I gained more than 20 kilos in the last 2 years. I want really to lose these as soon as possible. What is your advice? Please note I don't like running and ...
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Best way of eating after exercise for reducing belly fat [duplicate]

I have much large belly fat as compared to upper body. Daily i do weight training (45min to 1 hr) + cardiovascular (45 min). I want to make upper body muscles , simultaneoulsy want to reduce my large ...
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Losing stomach fat without losing weight [duplicate]

There are many questions already on this website which are more about spot reduction. I am aware that you cannot just lose belly fat without losing overall body fat. My question is I am more of a lean ...
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going to gym and workout with thin or fat body - which is better? [duplicate]

Basically My hands and shoulders looks thin and I have lot more belly fat. I want to make my hands and shoulders fat and want to reduce belly. Usually i eat 2/3 times rice in a day , less amount of ...
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Skinny with a lot of visceral fat - how should I exercise? [duplicate]

I am skinny (178 cm, 63 kg) but have a lot of visceral fat around the belly. Should I bulk up first then worry about my belly fat? Or should I burn the fat first? Ideally, I would like to achieve ...
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What Gym exercises should i do to reduce weight instead of shaping muscles? [duplicate]

I am 5 feet and 4 inches high. I am weighing 83kg these days. My tummy has bulged out, looking bad. I am caring for my diet, having lemon water in morning. But now i want to do gym exercises to reduce ...
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Body fat and abs [duplicate]

I have a 9.2% body fat ,1.80 m and 81 kg and still I have enough fat on my abs...I diet and workout hard I always check to have enough proteins,calories,etc every day.I had 5 months ago 19% body fat ...
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how to lose fat hips after weight loss? [duplicate]

Here is my "chronological weight loss": when I was 23 I weighed 103 kg then I started to walk long distances (sometimes 10 km per day and 3 times a week). I also decreased food rations (1/3 of what I ...
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How to get rid of belly fat for a Skinny-Fat person [duplicate]

I am a skinny person with 179cm height and 64KG (141 Pound) however I've a lot fat around my belly and this often prevents me wearing T-shirts. The belly fat gives a very weird shape to my body. To ...
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Ways to tone my stomach area up? [duplicate]

In the last six months I've lost around 34/35kg. Though I'm skeptical myself a lot of people have told me that I've lost a lot of weight and they can see it. My initial goal was to get to 75kg and ...
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I don't eat dairy products yet I cant lose weight [duplicate]

I am a very active person, I started going to the gym in my freshman year in university in 2012, and I gym 6 days aweek. I use weights for squat,I go for 30 minutes running , eliptical and rarely do ...
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