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What's a good way to track custom workouts using smartbands or smartwatches? [closed]

community. This is my first post here. I would like to start tracking my workouts, and wondered about which devices I could get. What I want is: Plank exercise log (time based) Log rest times between ...
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Do I really burn more calories in biking than hiking?

I use AllTrails app with Apple Watch to monitor my tracks and I am surprised that my biking burns more calories than my hiking. But I feel like hiking is more strenuous and handwork. Here are my ...
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Finding resources for tailoring a home workout automagically

I am lean and have some basic equipment at home (barbells, floor mat, elastic band) and would like to develop some sort of routine. Before the pandemic, I used to go to the gym and had some rotation ...
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Why did fitness apps seem to misrepresent calories burned between a bicycle ride and hike workout?

I've been an avid fitness practitioner for about 14 years now. For the last 7 ish years, I've run 3-4 times per week and up until a recent injury, I was running for an hour at a time, usually about 7-...
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Meal plan app or nutritionist when building muscle?

Is using a customised meal plan on a health app or a customised meal plan from a nutritionist better when trying to build muscle? Using an app is usually cheaper and subscriptions usually give you a ...
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Alternative 3rd party app for fitbit watch?

As a developer and fitness freak, I was curious if the fitbit band is supported by any 3rd party software? I have done some research without much success. I would really appreciate if someones points ...
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Why does every calorie tracking app give a different target calorie count for the same goals?

I'm trying to improve my diet and exercise more. My personality is one that responds well to number-juggling systems, so I'm thought I should try those calorie-tracking apps you can get on smartphones....
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Looking for an interval training app that allows customize laps

I'm looking for an android app that allows me to customize the intervals I want to train. For example, training 3 minutes in maximum or near maximum intensity followed by 3 minutes of recovery time....
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App for Interval Timing for Sprints

I've got a training regime that works very well which involves: - Run/Sprint for 150m - Rest/Walk for 30seconds - Repeat 30x It's very difficult to monitor and keep track of progress. I wanted to ...
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HIIT timer with exercise?

Is there an app / website thats a HIT timer but also chooses the exercise for you? Ive Googled this and look on app stores but I can only find timers only. With some you can set the exercises you ...
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How do I find the best Activity Tracker for my needs?

N.B This is an attempt at a good shopping question. Please provide feedback in the comments rather than voting to close straight away. I've seen a lot of 'Top 10' lists, as well as amazon reviews, and ...
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What's the most acurate running app? [closed]

I'm currently using Runkeeper to track my runs, but I'm not happy with the acuracy it provides. Even when I run in a perfectly straight line, the recorded track has quite a few deviations. I also ...
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What are the most common mistakes in using a food tracker such as MyFitnessPal? [closed]

Which are the most common mistakes people make when using a food tracker such as MyFitnessPal regarding making entries and utilizing these? How can we avoid them? EDIT: if you can think of more ...
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Looking for iOS (runners) app for tracking GPS & heart frequency WHILE keeping data truly private?

I know there are tons of apps for keeping track of your running performance, but most of them seem to share data with third parties, which I really don't like! Are there apps that respect one's wish ...
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Looking for a mobile app that can help me coordinate my workout with my personal trainer [closed]

Not looking for opinion on which one is the "best app out there" I have started working out with a personal trainer and have not been able to find an app where: The Personal Trainer can design my ...
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Is Strava overestimating my calories burned from walking?

Here's some Strava stats from a walk I just took after lunch: Admittedly, I'm a fast walker. But 289 calories seems to be way over the top for a 3.3km walk. (Isn't the rule-of-thumb "100 calories ...
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Android app for fat people [closed]

I'm fat. I want to do exercises & look like Zyzz but I get bored fast. It would help me if I could set a goal. Let's say 30 minutes per day. So I'm looking for an app where I can set a daily ...
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Fitness app advice? [closed]

StackExchange, I'm new here and have spent the past hour searching the site for potential answers to my question, to no avail. I did find this list of fitness apps: Creating a compendium of fitness ...
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Are the 7-Minute Workouts effective? (What are your preferred apps?) [closed]

I'm skeptical of the whole 7 Minute Workout movement that's started - I know that it's not meant to be the one workout of the day, rather it's meant to be used several times throughout the day or as a ...
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is there an app which has running speed goal, measures speed, gives audio feedback?

checked the help centre and it said questions about gadgets are on topic, so I thought this was close enough. Is there an android app which has a running speed goal, measures speed, gives audio ...
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how to measure my total fitness?

is there any way to measure my total fitness, like muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and body fat composition. I mean an app or website to get my data (...
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Is there a free heart rate monitor for iPhone 5 that will notify me if I exceed a specific heart rate?

I'm not usually able to look at my phone when I'm working out so I was wondering if there is a heart rate monitor, or heart rate monitor and app combination, that will let me know if I exceed a heart ...
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Do you know a lap timer that 'resets' each lap?

One of the things that really motivates me when swimming, cycling or running is 'racing myself'. However, all the lap timers I've found so far have the normal lap function of measuring the lap time, ...
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Fitness app that allows recording food consumed by weight and not by volumetric serving? has a large database of foods with their nutritional value stored, and allows one to add in how much one has consumed by the volumetric servings, e.g. 1 cup of carrots. However, it ...
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real time visualization of heart rate data on a graph [closed]

I want an app that will visualize my heart rate on a graph real-time while I do exercise. The heart rate information will be coming from a smart bluetooth (4.0) sensor. Preferably, the software ...
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Pulsometer for Android 4.1.2

I've seen pulsometers that work only with smartphones with Android 4.3. Which pulsometers will work with smartphone with an older Android 4.1.2, via Bluetooth? (Preferably on Samsung S3 mini).
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How can I find courses on MapMyRun? [closed]

The courses page says Once a course is created, it acts like a virtual race. You can compete against other users for a spot on the public course leaderboard. There are even achievements for ...
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Time yourself at 100m sprint?

I'd like to time myself at 100m sprint, does anyone know of a bit of kit or app that does this? I'm not a member of a running club, I'd just be curious as to what my time would be. I know that there ...
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Which activity tracker to get? [closed]

There is a plethora of options so I'm asking for help in choosing one, every time I search the web I'm lost in the number of search results. I want a tracker which will be best overall for tracking ...
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RunKeeper fails to pick up my heart rate

I bought the "Polar WearLink hert rate sensor with Bluetooth" in order to monitor my heart rate when running. I paired it successfully with my Android. But Runkeeper doesn't show a heart rate, ...
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What is the best iOS App for tracking Starting Strength progress? [closed]

What is the best iOS application for recording and tracking progress in Starting Strength? I need an app that tells me which lifts I am supposed to do on which day. It must also allow me to input my ...
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Apps for Blackberry users? [closed]

I have a blackberry 3G 9105, and was wondering whether there are blackberry users here who have any specific recommendations in terms of running apps? Thanks
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iPad Calorie Counter App

The Calorie Counter app I downloaded onto my iPad measures intake as Calories and energy burned as kcal. So, if the calorie counter says that the total calories burned is 2451 kcal is it the same as ...
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Are there any Android apps similar to RunKeeper, but for things other than running or cardio workouts?

RunKeeper is great for tracking running outside, with the GPS and coaching. More recently, I've started using the ability to track workouts on ellipticals and treadmills. However, I haven't found a ...
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Looking for an Android app other than Runkeeper which lets me create custom interval training

I've been using Runkeeper for Android for about a month, and really love the ability to create custom workouts. I'm doing the couch to 5k training program, and Runkeeper lets me create a set of ...
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Android Calorie Counter App for Weight Gain? [closed]

With my diet, I'm trying to gain weight, and I'm using the following Calorie Counter app to track this: However the app is all based on losing weight, and ...
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What are the differences between RunKeeper and Cardio Trainer?

I've always used RunKeeper to track my runs, but recently I came across an app called Cardio Trainer (from WorkSmart Labs), and it seems like it does pretty much the same thing. Both apps use GPS to ...
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how accurate are the calorie counters on iPhone apps?

I use Kinetic to measure my regular excercise routine (walking). It calculates / estimates the amount of calories burned during that period. I am wondering how accurate (generally speaking) these ...
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