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7 votes
2 answers

Arm cross stretching behind the back, how to improve it?

My goal is to improve the flexibility in arms: I want to get symmetric flexibility to the right and left. I am right-handed in writing but left-handed in most club games. The right side is becoming ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Rectify different arm strengths?

I'm looking for some help with regards to my arm strength. My right arm is weaker than my left. A couple of years ago I dislocated my right shoulder. I was given the all-clear from the Dr's when ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Best strength exercises for arm wrestling

Arm Wrestling consists of both technique and strength. An arm wrestler must of course master all of the techniques, and be strong in all the muscles involved in all of the techniques. I want to ...
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7 votes
3 answers

At Home Regime To Build Upper Body Muscle

At the age of 19, I've come to accept for many years that my lower body would take complete and total predominance when it comes to my muscle mass. However, over the last year or so, I've been less-...
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5 votes
1 answer

Why do I feel my arms burn after doing a lot of push ups?

So I have noticed that I am doing far beyond 20 reps of push ups and still, after I have done about 50 of them, or even 2 sets of 25 my arms feel like they're expanding and growing muscle, both the ...
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2 answers

How to get huge triceps?

I have very weak triceps (15.3 inches) and chest (44 inches). I'm working out for almost 4 years but my bench press still under 154lb. The last few months I worked out harder on this muscle group, but ...
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