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What should I do with the other leg when I balance on one leg for exercise?

I have been using one leg stand for balance exercise and the other leg is in front of me about 6 inches off the ground and extended. But I happened to view some other articles on balance exercises on ...
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Why does the barbell remains tilted to the right at the end of the jerks of Zarina Gusalova?

Zarina Gusalova does not adjust the grip in between the clean and the jerk. Yet in her lifts the barbell remains tilted to the right side at the end of her jerks. This is especially visible in her ...
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Handstand blocks

Are handstand blocks useful for improving the handstand? What exercises can be done on it? At the moment I can actually hold a decent line handstand for about 1 minute on ground and at least the same ...
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Single leg stand exercise

Am I right in thinking that this exercise can be used to strengthen your feet aswell as your hips? In the past I was given it by a physio due to my problems with flat feet / plantar fasciitis. The ...
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How to stop swinging and rotating during one arm dead hang?

I can two hand dead hang for 1.5 - 2.5 minutes. When I try one arm dead hang I can't stop rotating and swinging, so my time is probably 15 seconds. How can I achieve balance?
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Is there a safe balace board that is more challenging than a Wobble board?

Is there a Wobble board which is significantly more challenging than the common ones? Is there a safer type of a Rola Bola/Indoboard (and how safe is it?) Or maybe something in between, challenging ...
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Skateboarding on a handstand

I need cues and routines to better my hand balancing in order to skateboard on an a handstand. At the moment I can do 3 free handstand push ups starting from bent arms but I can't hold a straight arm ...
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Are 'dynamic' balance boards better for balance training than 'static' ones?

I have a simple round balance board with contact point at the middle. I've tried vew-do, with rolling balance point, that moves along the rail on the bottom of the board. It was terribly hard, I've ...
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Trouble walking upstairs [closed]

For many years now I have had balance problems when walking upstairs. I need to watch the stairs and hold on to the rails in order not to stumble. This is extremely annoying to me and I tried to fix ...
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short exercises to improve core strength, balance and flexibility?

Now that I've hit middle age, I find that my back is often stiff in the mornings and that it doesn't wear off until mid-afternoon. I also discovered I can't do the Fullerton "stand test" (sit down on ...
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Standing up suddenly causes tunnel vision? [closed]

Occasionally, when I stand up after laying flat on a bed or couch I will take a few steps and then start to have tunnel/ darkened vision, a slight headache, and sometimes lose some balance, once ...
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Can I use slightly unbalanced dumbbells?

Let's say on one side of the dumbbell I got 12 pounds, and on other I got 16 pounds. (I got dumbbells with 2 extra weights of 4 pounds...) Is it bad to add those 2 extra weights to 2 dumbbells on one ...
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balancing on other people [closed]

So the other day I saw two people sorta balancing on one another. Person A was on their back with their feet and hands in the air holding up person B who was sorta moving around on person A's hands / ...
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Ankle exercises with bosu ball

Years ago I tripped in a hole and got a 3rd degree ankle sprain. One of the exercises the physiotherapist told me was to use a bosu ball and do circles with while standing with both feet on it. I ...
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What's the best back exercise to balance out the dumbbell press from the profile?

In order for the body to have a balanced look I believe in doing exercises in pairs. For leg extensions I will also go leg curls. For arm curls I'll do cable tricep pushdowns, etc. But what is the ...
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Balance Problems

Is there any exercises I can do to help me gain some balance? That is, when I stand on one leg with the other lifted off the floor, it is only a few seconds before I have to put the other one down on ...
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How to measure balance?

Balance is important: studies have shown it helps prevent injury (for example, this study (in Spanish)), it's useful when transitioning to barefoot/minimalist running (see this or this) and ...
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