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An exercise where the athlete lays with their back flat on a bench (or other surface) - that is either parallel to the ground, or at an angle - and their feet on the floor, while lifting a weight (or set of weights) from their chest straight up (perpendicular to the floor).

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Is it possible to get weaker despite weight gain?

Training about 1 years overall. Following a 3 day ppl split. Gained 3 kgs (from 61 - 64) over the last 3 weeks but bench press went from 60 kg to 50kg. I'm tracking calories religiously, eat 2x ...
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Why is the bench press harder than push ups and dips?

So if you put yourself in a push up position on a digital balance it clearly tells you how much weight you are pushing. Apparently on the top position with straight arms you are holding 61% of your ...
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