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When blood flow to the brain increases during exercise, how many hours does it stay this way afterwards?

It is a well-known fact that the blood flow to the brain quite increased during an exercise because of the blood vessels dilation. How long does it stay this way? I want to try short exercises and ...
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The effects of blood/plasma donation on exercise performance and body composition

A blood plasma donation center is opening up close to where I live soon and I was curious as to what sort of side effects I might experience by donating with regards to my exercise performance and ...
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Experiencing cramps in posterior pelvic crest after even light jogs

Brief background: I am an experienced athlete, 30 yrs old, 190lb/5'11; I play soccer and have always had a very fast 300m. Last couple of months, I have been doing crossfit. I have been going up in ...
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Strength and conditioning for blood circulation

Resources online primarily focus on cardio being the best way to improve blood flow. However, some resources also mention strength and conditioning for improved blood flow. I have noticed that pushups ...
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Does heat cream benefit the regeneration?

I've been sick for the last two weeks and my doctor told me to get Finalgon, which is a heat cream. (Note: Finalgon is not only reacting with the skin, like some sticking plasters) While I really ...
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How to get "the pump" without supplements or steroids?

I have never used any anabolic drugs/etc., but have used many, many supplements. I am not able to successfully achieve "the pump" without supplements, however. I use very high doses of nitric oxide ...
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Is there any relationship between blood types and VO2Max?

The (unsophisticated) idea that different types of blood might have different abilities to absorb oxygen/ different concentrations of red blood cells has me wondering!
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Blood-compatible liquid for cooling body [closed]

I'm not sure if this is a good post, it might indeed be a very bad one. I wanted to know whether it is possible to inject the body with a substance that will temporarily, say for half and l an hour ...
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Exercise for proper blood circulation to brain

Few days ago I was watching some episodes of a series continuously for 4-5 hours. As I am not habitual to it I started getting minute headaches. Doctor told me that it is due to brain requires more ...
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Does daily consumption of beetroot make you dependent on it for proper production of red blood cells? [closed]

Beetroot seems to have an EPO-like effect on your red blood cell production. Regular use of EPO also seems to make your body dependent on it for proper red blood cell production. Can regular ...
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Why do you have a lower heart rate while training in the pool?

1) I've read that your heart rate is lower in the pool. Why is this? 2) Also how does the lower heart rate impact your cardiovascular health? Is it good or bad to that the pool lowers your heart rate?...