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How to transition from a bulk to a cut?

I have a quick question and it mainly revolves around the macros for transitioning from a bulk to a cut. So when someone reaches their desired weight / goal from a bulk and they decide to cut to take ...
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BMR Calculator - Do you put in lean or total weight?

I've been looking at BMR calculators, and they ask for weight as one of the inputs to determine how many calories you might burn simply by existing on any given day - but it's widely stated that ...
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Strength Training to increase Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)

The question "aerobic vs. anaerobic workouts [...]" shows that anaerobic exercise has positive benefits for weight loss since anaerobic exercise has been found to induce a high change in RMR: 7% ...
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Bmr to 2500 calories explained

I'm trying to work out my bmr and so the amount of calories i burn a day. Based on the online calculator for my height and weight, 14 stone and 5"11, my bmr is 1800, which is a fairly average value I'...
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Is there a difference between consuming (BMR) calories and burning n calories vs. consuming (BMR-n) calories?

I am morbidly obese based on my BMI (41-ish% body fat). I want to lose 1lb/week, which I believe equates to a 500 Calorie deficit/day. My BMR is 2660. Is there a difference in the context of weight-...
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Am I estimating my caloric intake correctly for a healthy diet plan?

I am 5'10", 192 lbs., 28 years old, male. My BMR (just using the average from online calculators) is: ~1960 calories. I average 5 miles (walking) per day, usually around 2.5 hours of activity. Using ...
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Is there some formula to calculate body fat % from BMR value? [closed]

I have a Fat Scale which measures my weight, body fat %, muscle mass, bone mass, BMR, AMR etc. Its beurer BF-750. The problem with this machine is if I set my activity level different it shows my body ...
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Does the amount of calories burned during sleep differ from your basal metabolic rate?

My understanding is that one's basal metabolic rate is for when you are inactive. Of course, when you are asleep, you are not moving. But I would guess there are differences in how the body ...
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What can I do if weight decreasing stopped after I reached half of my goal?

When I started my diet I was at 82kg now my weight oscillates between 74 and 75kg. I've read that I should target 0.5-1kg weekly weight loss. I tried out a diet with 0.75. I've calculated that my BMR ...
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Obese bedridden teen [closed]

My teen (17) broke an ankle and is bedridden. They're obese (5'7" @ 250lbs female) and have a difficult time regulating their binges until now. Can't get to the kitchen so built in limiting. My ...
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What's lean muscle mass?

It is said that men usually have more lean than women. I would like to know what does the 'lean muscle mass' mean? is it just the muscle mass? How would you calculate it?
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BMR+Harris-benedict equation: case of negative output

I was using the BMR and Harris benedict equations. I got a negative result when i used the following information just by curiosity: Age: 80 Height :1feet 0 inches (ie 12 inches) weight :22 pounds ...
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The relationship between basal metabolic rate, calories, and activity level

I have a base BMR of about 2200 calories without the activity multiplier using this formula: 66 + (6.23*240) + (12.7 * 70) - (6.88*31) I supervise an automotive shop and generally consider walking, ...
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Is the resting burn rate included when the calories burned during training are calculated?

Most cardio machines nowadays show an estimate of how many calories you have burned during your training. There are also a lot of different lists available, which activity burns how many calories over ...
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How can I determine my recommended daily caloric intake if I know my BMR?

This thread recommends learning what your BMR is. You can estimate your BMR with a BMR Calculator. 1) How do I determine how many calories I burn each day by running and/or walking and how do I ...
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