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Need fixing my workout routine for body recomposition

I just turned 40 and haven't trained much my whole life. I was skinny when I was young but with the years I've put on some fat. Now I'm 6.1 for 175lbs with 20% body fat. In April, I've decided to ...
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Understanding the scale of measurement of visceral fat (1 - 59)

I see that many-body composition measurement devices give visceral fat result as an integer between 1 and 59. These are results I got from a body composition analysis. Weight: 87.7 kg Body fat: 19.9 ...
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Why can't you lose/maintain fat on a bulk?

Everyone I've ever talked to has said that you will gain some, or a lot of, fat on a bulk. Why? Logic 1: If you lift weights, your body wants to grow your muscles. Logic 2: Your body can only grow ...
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