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Do programs from books like You Are Your Own Gym and Your Body Is Your Barbell work?

I've been lifting for the past 6 months but my nutrition side has been mediocre. Mostly due to lack of time as a student and dangling from home to gym to school. Recently, I came across books on ...
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What are good books on general exercise principles?

I'm looking for a good book that will teach me general principles of exercise. I don't want to learn about any specific workout programs. I'm really just seeking to learn more about fitness so I can ...
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Nordic Skiing training program?

I have been getting into Nordic Skate skiing the last few years and have my first ski marathon coming up this winter. I am looking for a book, website, magazine, etc that can help me prepare. In ...
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Can anyone recommend science-based skeptical literature or media about exercise? [closed]

I'm searching around for answers to various fitness questions as I try to figure out how to incorporate exercise into my life, but I grow frustrated with all the fads, conjectures and ideologies out ...
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What book(s) cover supplemental strength and conditioning for an amateur sportsman?

I've read Starting Strength, Practical Programming, various Dan John and Pavel Tsatsouline titles, and Tom Kurz' Science of Sports Training. With the exception of that last title, all the strength and ...
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Understanding physical fitness anatomically [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What are good books on muscle building heavily based on science? Are there any books which explain the significance of each and every exercise we do in the gym? I do not mean ...
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Strength Training for Running Books - Strength without Mass

I'm a middle-distance endurance runner (58kg BM) and I'm a fan of physiology books such as Lore Of Running by Tim Noakes and De Castella on Running. Can anybody suggest books related to building lean ...
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What are good books on muscle building heavily based on science?

Please suggest few books on the topic of muscle building, that are heavily backed by scientific research. I prefer them to be light on concrete training programs, but heavy on facts and research ...
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4 answers

Books for learning about strength training and nutrition?

The topic of strength training and nutrition (with respect to fitness) is undeniably complex. As a result of the topic's complexity, there have been many bad books and resources produced over the ...
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Free materials and books about good posture / spinal cord anatomy

What are the best free materials to start studying about good posture and spinal cord anatomy ? The overall muscle and tissue physiology books will also do. Background: I'm doing different exercises (...
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Is the book "Wheat Belly" credible? [closed]

So I was given the book Wheat Belly last night which claims that much of the US's obesity is caused by eating wheat - specifically the highly-hybridized wheat we grow these days. Does anybody know of ...
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Fiber Menace - How scientific is this book? [closed]

After drastically increasing my fiber intake for nearly a month at the suggestion of family members via breads, fruits, vegetables, and juices, I ran into constipation so severe that I was unable to ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Any authoritative references for strength training nutrition requirements?

Following the Starting Strength workout and reading Ripptoe's "Clarification" follow-up article, I'm realizing that nutrition is a very crucial component to weightlifting. However, the Starting ...
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What is the best Olympic weightlifting instructional?

I am moving from strength training to power training in order to improve athletic performance. Specifically, I am adding the clean and jerk (no snatch for now) to my program. I am not looking to ...
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Very advanced exercises and workouts using only resistance bands [closed]

I am looking for very advanced, intense workouts or collections of exercises using only a resistance band. I am primarily interested in free online resources with good pictures or videos. However ...
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Following the Glycemic Indexes theory? [closed]

The Montignac Method is some sort of "diet" and "food recommendation" that has given me great results in the past, but usually the food alternatives offered in the book, tend to be overly complicated ...
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22 votes
9 answers

Are there any good resources for developing mental toughness? [closed]

Here is a good definition of mental toughness: Mental toughness is having the natural or developed psychological edge that enables you to: Generally cope better than your opponents ...