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Form of rock climbing that takes place on boulders or other rock formations without ropes and harness to protect the climber. The climber is protected by spotters and crash pads. Usually bouldering problems are less than 6 meters (20 ft.) tall.

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What kind of exercise is bouldering? [closed]

Is it more cardiovascular or weight training? If I want to add an additional exercise on non bouldering days, what would be most beneficial to my overall health and life longevity?
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Triceps involvement in bouldering

Is it quite common for the triceps to become weak from bouldering e.g. with a bicep / tricep muscle imbalance? I've been getting some aches & pains in my tricep recently that I notice mostly after ...
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What is a good workout that includes bouldering/climbing?

My goal is weight loss (especially around the belly) and general fitness. I also really love bouldering/climbing so I've got both a membership at a climbing place and one in a "regular" gym. ...
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Best resources to help learn bouldering feet & hand placement

I recently went to a bouldering gym and came across these black (sloper?) rocks on a practically vertical wall. Does anybody have any tips for conquering a wall such as this, or know any good ...
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Bouldering vs Rock Climbing

I have recently enrolled myself into a rock climbing gym here at Sydney. I liked the idea of climbing but did not ever got the chance till date. Well, my question is: what to do first, Bouldering or ...
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How can I document or track bouldering activity? [duplicate]

I have recently taken up bouldering. In my city, there is a gym dedicated to bouldering with lots of indoor climbing space and routes. I also like to track my progress and workout activities. Most ...
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Is bouldering moderate or vigorous intensity exercise?

I'm considering incorporating bouldering into my fitness routine. I have no experience bouldering or climbing, my other fitness activities are running. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Service'...
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Losing weight altough eating normal because of bouldering?

I have always had a bit of fat on my body. I was never fat nor even chubby but always 4-5kg too much on myself. I just thought it to be my genes because my whole life i did a bit of sports. Going ...
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What exercises are best for forearm strength (for bouldering)?

I've recently got into rock climbing (bouldering specifically) but I find my main limitation is my forearm strength. I can't climb for too long before I can legitimately feel my forearms give out. ...
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Will climbing (bouldering) with the right amount of calories build muscle?

I love climbing, be it high wall or bouldering. Here's what I plan to do: 2 hours bouldering 3 times a week 1 hour calisthenics 1-2 times a week I weigh 62kg and I'm 6' tall - and will aim to eat ~...
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How often should I go bouldering (including a little core strength training)

I recently picked up bouldering contrasting my distance running training quite nicely. From my run training I learned that training about every other day seems to give really good results, but how ...
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