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Apples for breakfast [closed]

I am trying to loose weight and recently switched from Muesli to eating only apples for breakfast. It is faster, but is it also healthy?
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What advice would you give to someone who doens't usually have breakfast? [closed]

I'm on a weight loss journey. I don't take breakfast in the morning since I'm 11-12 (I'm now 24). I am starting to realize that this may have been a mistake. The thing is that I don't like feeling ...
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After waking up, what must I eat/drink if I want to have a workout asap

After waking up, I want to go gym directly. However I have an empty stocmach to workout, I know that causes my body to use protein as fuel. If I have breakfast, then I have to wait 2-3 hours and I don'...
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What are easy fast digestible breakfast before workout? [closed]

I'm starting to go to gym in the mornings right after I wake up. I'm always working till failure and I've realized that if I don't eat a good meal before workout, I don't have the energy for a good ...
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Am I eating enough for a bulk? [closed]

5'9 and weigh 139 pounds. I've decided to bulk and need help on my diet. This is what I ate today and I was wondering whether I should be eating more, or less to gain muscle and at the same time not ...
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Weaning myself off unhealthy cereal [closed]

In general, I'm comfortable with my diet. The one thing I'm conscious of is the fact that I eat the same chocolate breakfast cereal (Weetos) every day (and I mean every day.) It's been like that for ...
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According to whom breakfast is healthy? [closed]

I've certainly been taught breakfast is the most important meal of the day because while you sleep it's the longest period of time the body goes without food. Someone told me today that there is no ...
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Why does consuming 30 g of protein within 30 minutes after waking helps to lose weight?

Tim Ferris writes in his books "The four hour body" and "The four hour chef" about using this 30/30 rule to burn fat. All I have found about the "Why?" is that after fasting for seven to eight hours ...
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Ideas for Protein based Break Fast & Dinner (Trying to be a veggie, occasional Non-Veg is fine)

My diet for now is BreakFast: Oats (mostly), whole wheat bread with jam Dinner: Just fruits: apples, peaches, nectarine, oranges, blueberry, banana Lunch : I limit it to a Chipotle Bowl (a burrito in ...
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Putting raw rolled oats in a protein shake? [closed]

If I put raw rolled oats in my morning protein shake (I was just thinking: oats, milk and a scoop) for my breakfast meal, would they just pass though my body without being absorbed? Or would they ...
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What can I eat first thing in the morning before a workout when I have no appetite?

When I get up in the morning I have no appetite for food until I've been up and mobile for at least a couple of hours. The problem is that when I go to do an hour workout in the morning I find myself ...
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What can I eat to get more protein at breakfast time? [closed]

I'm looking for some different breakfast items that have more protein so I can stay full longer until closer to lunchtime. My typical breakfast includes some kind of cereal (a whole grain type, not a ...
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