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Is there value doing pushups until I can not do them more due to muscle fatigue?

I am doing pushups for years - single set, evening, at home. I increased gradually the number of pushups in my set and I have managed to achieve 37 and I stayed at it. But I don't enjoy doing them. I ...
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How to burn both fat and muscle at the same time?

After doing a body composition test the results show an abundance of both fat and muscle in my thighs. My thighs are really thick and short at the same time. I'd like to get a slimmer figure for ...
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Felling the "burn"

I have been working with lighter weights and doing endurance workouts for the past year or two. I have been using heavier weights that I can only usually do about 4-8 reps on at a time. My only query ...
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Calculate calories burned [closed]

I want to calculate the calorie burned by any person.If i have the height ,weight,sex,distance walks or run.Is there any formula that help me to calculate the calorie burned just by above four factors....
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Why do my legs burn when I go for a walk?

I am a nationally competitive athlete, so I workout up to 7 times a week. I'm perfectly healthy and don't have any injuries. I also don't have any unusual pain while I workout, other than muscle ...
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How to get back that satisfying chest burn?

I can shock the chest muscles with supersets and hitting different angles using cables, weights and push-ups in supersets, but I can't make it burn anymore during the workout. I do varying inclines ...
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Actual amount of calories, I'm burning when riding bike

I've just finished my first GPS-tracked bicycle workout. I tracked my "achievements" using two different sport trackers -- Endomondo and Runastic (I'm using both in the same time purely for testing ...
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Is it possible for one of a pair of muscles to feel the burn more than the other muscle in the pair?

The last two times I've done legs curls at the gym my left glute will feel the burn on the third set, but the right glute did not even though I made sure that both legs were putting in the same amount ...
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plastic foil to lose belly fat faster

I have seen people in the gym wrapping their lower belly in plastic foil. They claim it burns the fat in that area faster. I wonder if this is actually contributing to a faster loss of belly fat, and ...
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