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Seeking Comprehensive Back Workout Suggestions with Cable Machine

I'm in search of a comprehensive back workout lasting around 1-2 hours, specifically utilizing the cable machine. So far, I've thought of including: Lat pull-downs Seated cable rows I'm uncertain ...
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How freely should pulleys spin in a multigym?

Ive noticed on the lowest weight, cables on my overhead pull-down do not return freely. In fact I can let go of the bar and it just sits there. I can't find one pulley that is especially stiffer than ...
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Core Workout - efficacy of doing Pallof Press and Cable Woodchopper exercises together

I'm looking to build the frontal (rectus) and oblique (side) abs a bit with standing exercises. I've started doing cable woodchoppers (chest height) and pallof press' (with legs practically together). ...
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Can someone help me design a routine given these constraints? (small apartment gym)

I don't have a car and the nearest gym is quite a distance away and costs 80 dollar each month. I'd prefer to use the apartment gym (which is a 30 second walk away and 'free') if possible! Here's ...
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What's the difference between cable seated rows on a pulley, and using the seated row machine?

I recently had to switch gyms. One of the downsides to my new gym is the seated row part of my current workout. There are two parts to the cable pulley machine that are sub-optimal for my situation: ...
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How to get back that satisfying chest burn?

I can shock the chest muscles with supersets and hitting different angles using cables, weights and push-ups in supersets, but I can't make it burn anymore during the workout. I do varying inclines ...
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Cable Squats vs Smith Machine Squats

Are cable machine squats easier to do than squats on a Smith machine? I'm able to do about 220 pounds on the cables, but I'm doubtful whether I'll be able to replicate the results on a Smith machine. ...
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What is proper form for kneeling cable crunches?

What is the proper form for doing kneeling cable crunches? Specifically, I am curious about the following: Should you face the machine, face away from the machine, or are both okay? How should you ...
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How to take advantage of a cable machine when you've maxed it out?

There are a number of cable machines I've maxed out at the gym, such as: leg extension, triceps cable push down, lying machine squat, etc. Now I'm at the point where I'm doing 5 by 5 with very slow ...
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What scientific evidence says cables build less muscle than free weights?

Look at any classic bodybuilding book or DVD and it will say free weights are superior to cables (and machines) for muscular hypertrophy. Joe Weider and Arnold Schwarzenegger are two famous proponents ...
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