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Do I avoid becoming dependent and desensitized to stimulants or interpolating caffeine and yohimbine? [closed]

I don't know exactly how the both act on the organism. I just know that the effects are pretty much the same and that both causes dependency on prolonged use. Can I avoid becoming dependent or ...
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Negative consequences of taking caffeine for (cardio) endurance

I know caffeine increases your endurance/cardio abilities, but does anyone know of any negative effects that could arise during exercise because of caffeine? For example, does the heart rate change ...
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Is it necessary to have a break from a high caffeine intake for workouts?

I've seen sources where its discussed that the body gets use to the amount of caffeine that is being absorbed and does not create the effect desired. Is it necessary to have a week of no / very low ...
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Does faster heart rate always mean burn of calories?

Let's say I drink a cup of coffee which has strong effect on me my heart rate increases noticeably. Does that mean I would be burning fat even I'm just sitting? Does faster heart rate always equal to ...
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Is it worth buying caffeine pills to increase performance?

I don't drink coffee at all, and I don't have the tools nor the time to make it. Not to mention it's hard to drink so many cups of coffee in a day to get it's benefits. So I was thinking about getting ...
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Creatine at its Finest

Hello Im new to this website and Im sure that everyone here frequently gets asked about Creatine. Currently I have been taking C4 Cellucor along with Creacore Creatine by MuscleTech. I weigh 171 and I ...
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Caffeine and creatine

I have read from a number of online sources that creatine isn't as effective when taken with caffeine. I also read that if you space out the caffeine consumption from the creatine consumption, it may ...
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Minimizing Stomach Discomfort During Race with Caffeine

I know if I have coffee or a caffeinated drink before a hard workout or running race that there's a clear benefit. I can tell - I can push faster with less effort. The problem is my stomach. I have ...
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What are the effects of long-term, mass-consumption of sugared, carbonated drinks and what can be done to stop? [closed]

I am a long-term, high-frequency consumer of soft drinks specifically Coca-Cola and Pepsi. In 2015 I am resolved to kick the habit once and for all but it is proving challenging. My average daily ...
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How long to wait doing HIIT after taking EC stack?

How long should one wait to do HIIT after taking EC stack? This is my dosage today: 8:30 AM: 12.5 mg E, 100 mg C 12:30 PM: 12.5 mg E, 100 mg C Can I do HIIT cardio at 5 PM?
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Constant fatigue [closed]

I struggle with a constant fatigue throughout my days. I feel my diet is good and balanced, I drink lots of water, and I exercise regularly. I also constantly have a tired and foggy mind, which is ...
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What are the short term effects of caffeine on workout?

Note that this question is related to Excessive caffeine consumption effect on heart/body. The question and answers however only cover long term usage effects, I want to know about the short term ...
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Caffeine, weight loss, muscle gain & stretch marks [closed]

I am searching for information regarding the effects of caffeine and found this website for the first time. For the last 3 weeks I´ve been trying to decrease my caffeine consumption, after having ...
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Is water retention a good thing?

According to this article on (emphasis mine): Even more encouraging for habitual coffee consumers is the finding that those with caffeine tolerance have reduced likelihood ...
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Excessive caffeine consumption effect on heart/body

Each day I drink lots of coffee and energy drinks (redbull 355ml cans). I go to gym 3 times a week (on evenings). Are there any effects on my workouts? I stopped drinking any caffeine (at least from ...
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