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How much weight do I lose when I run a mile?

How much weight do I lose when I run a mile in 15 to 17 minutes? I am 82 yearls old, 154lbs, 5 ft 7.5 inches tall and medium build.
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What does FMMI calculator mean with: FMMI athletic, body percentage overweight? [closed]

I've just used a FMMI calculator ( which concludes the following: Your Fat Free Mass Index is "Athletic" Your Body Fat Percentage is &...
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Formula for Rep max?

I can find 1 rep max using Brzycki but I'm not able to find other values greater than 10 rep max. How can I find more than 10 rep max values; are there any formulas? In the above image they are ...
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How can i calculate body mass index (BMI)? [duplicate]

Is it standard measure to say if someone is fit or not. Iam 20 years old male weight 75kg, Height 5.5ft.
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How to calculate calorie burned walking steps?

I need the formula to make a step count application. I need the formula to calculate 1 step of calories without a GPS. I have variables (sex,age,weight,height,step) I have found this formula : ...
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The Maths of Exercise

Lets say for whatever reason You can't do a pushup to save your life. You can't manage the technique and it hurts you too much. Or lets say you're like me and can't do a sit up to save your life ...
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Is there a body animator I can use to demonstrate exercise movements? [closed]

I just discovered a nice calisthenic exercise that I feel is better shown than described. Is there a human body animator where I can move it, record it, and then share it?
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Burned calories formula with conversation factor

I've found topic about burned calories formula which is available here. But as a I am looking at it, some lines are not as clear understandable for me as I expected. As you can see, there are some ...
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Calculate calories burned [closed]

I want to calculate the calorie burned by any person.If i have the height ,weight,sex,distance walks or run.Is there any formula that help me to calculate the calorie burned just by above four factors....
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Weight loss does not seem to follow my calculations

I have been tracking my calorie intake and expenditure for 18 months. I am maintaining my weight and getting stronger, which I assume means increased muscle and less fat. However my fat loss (by ...
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how to calculate calorie from pedometer?

How can I convert pedometer steps to calories burned? Can anybody explain this to me? I know there is a lot of variables (sex,age,weight), but, I don't know the heart rate. I need to know how are ...
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Physical Activity and METS

Suppose a person performs 3 horus of cardio at 9 METS. To obtain the same metabolic changes without exercise, would this require that the person wait 27 hours? Assume that the person's daily activity ...
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Calculate burned calories (Running) without heart rate [duplicate]

I need some formulae to calculate the burned calories for jogging. The information I have would be: gender, weight, age, pace (speed), fractional grade, and time. What I have now is the following ...
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Measure performance in kettlebell?

How can I measure my performance and how many calories I burn during swings, high pulls, etc, when exercising with kettlebells? I want to measure how effective I was during training. I am also ...
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What activity level do I choose when starting out?

My husband and I are starting out on a weight loss journey. However, I'm a little lost as to what activity level to choose when using calorie calculators. We're currently sedentary, our jobs are ...
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Calories burn rate calculation -- scientific studies

There are many online calculators for measuring walking/running/bicycling calories burn rate. They differ in input parameters like some might need my weight as well as height and some don't. Almost ...
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How many calories will I burn walking one mile?

I walk, on average, a 15 minute mile and on flat terrain. I weight 150 lbs and I'm about 5' 7" with a medium build. I'm trying to manage my overall health and want to ensure my exercise is balancing ...
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Energy expenditure (calories burned) equation for running

There are numerous online calorie calculators for running (e.g. from runners world). What is the underlying formula for calculating energy expenditure while running? This post has an excellent ...
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40/40/20 Ratio and 1.5g of protein per pound still a good rule of thumb?

Back in the day, the bodybuilder's diet (for growth) was the infamous 40/40/20. That is, 40% of calories from Protein, 40% of calories from Carbs, and 20% of calories from Fat. If we look at the ...
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Metabolic Equations for Anaerobic Exercise?

I know several metabolic equations for estimating VO2 (and therefore calories burned) for steady state exercise, but how is VO2 and caloric expenditure estimated through exercises like power lifting ...
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What activity level should I choose in calorie calculators?

My goal is to gain weight, primarily for muscle bodybuilding (not professional). In various online calorie calculators I need to choose my activity level. I'm always stuck on which one to choose. For ...
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Converting times from treadmill to outdoor running?

I have found a few websites that claim the oxygen usage is countered by increasing a treadmill to a 1 degree incline, however, what I'm looking for is a way to convert treadmill running times into ...
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How do different modes of transportation compare from a caloric burn perspective?

Assuming that I'm travelling the same route between two points how do walking, running and biking compare with one another? My instinct is that calories per mile (metre, kilometre, or what have you) ...
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What's lean muscle mass?

It is said that men usually have more lean than women. I would like to know what does the 'lean muscle mass' mean? is it just the muscle mass? How would you calculate it?
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what is the weight loss calculator Formula? [closed]

which must contain weight,height,age,gender,level of activity and amount to loss weight. The weight and height in both cm and inches.
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Help me calculate my "Meursault / Hours" equivalent?

Here we have Meursault the town, and here we have the end result: Now. When I exercise, my target heart rate according to The Walking Site is seventy percent (that's about 120 bpm for me). Now, let'...
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Why doesn't it add up when calculating the macronutrient calories for a food? [closed]

I'm wondering why this isn't adding up: 10 oz. of Chicken Breast 300 calories Carb: 0g Protein: 60g Fat: 3.8g When calculating the calories that come from each macro in the food: Carbs: 0 * 4 = ...
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How accurate is the Navy Body Fat Calculator?

I've been using the Navy Body Fat Calculation method for about two months in conjunction with an exercise regimen. It's done it's job as far as telling me that I'm loosing body fat and gaining lean ...
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Is there a definitive way to calculate a target heart rate for a cardiovascular workout?

In one book I read, the target heart rate for a cardiovascular workout for a person my age (36) was somewhat lower (10-15bpm) than the rate listed on some of the machines I'm familiar with at the gym. ...
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How can I calculate calories burned during an activity?

I've found various online "calculators" for looking up how many calories are burned when doing an exercise like using an Elliptical machine. Is there a way to calculate how many calories I burned ...
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