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How much weight to use for barbell calf raises?

I'm looking for a way to determine the barbell weight to use for calf raises. Ideally I would like a relative formula, percentage. Relative to something like body weight or a base line lift like ...
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effective hypertrophy routine for calves

I struggle heavily with putting some meat onto my calves despite working them out quite good in my opinion. Right now, I am following a powerlifting routine that looks like this: Mon: S/B/D Tue: ...
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Which rep range contributes to the most hypertrophy of calves?

I've watched videos of two big bodybuilders, Jay Cutler and Hunter Labrada. Both bodybuilders start with the premise of "your calves are being used all day long...". Jay Cutler finishes with You ...
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Stiff calf after 20 minutes of cycling

My doctor has recommended cycling to heal from a leg injury. I think it is working, but, unfortunately, another problem is arising. My right leg was injured (in the Adductor) and I seem to ...
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Can walking be an effective way to gain muscle mass on the calves?

Recently I have been focusing on walking for steps, and moving more? With this the question popped in my head of if walking can increase muscle mass on the calves? If so is there a certain way to walk ...
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Can tight hip flexors cause tight hamstrings?

Today I noticed that when I sit like this: My left leg goes comfortably all the way down, but my right leg won't. It won't go down past 45 degrees unless stretched. Does this mean that the right hip ...
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