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Humidity rashes and bumps between legs and upper tighs [closed]

I live in Florida and it is very humid throughout the year. I wear loose clothes like shorts etc but even with that I get humidity rashes/bumps on my inner upper thighs. I am failing to understand ...
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Close fitting trisuit - How to alleviate nipple burn from chest hair?

So this is actually not trolling, serious question. I have also looked at what-can-i-do-for-sore-nipples and is-it-harmful-not-to-wear-an-underwear-while-running as well as a couple of questions ...
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Generally healthy male, just had bad six months and now have chafing when running

I'm male, 29, 5'9" ish, ~ 70kg My normal routine is Gym on Monday (weights only), 2hrs Kickboxing on Tuesday and maybe thursday and an hour of (pretty intense) 5-a-side football on Wednesdays. Then I ...
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How do I treat chafing?

I believe that just about every sports athlete and fitness guru has run into this problem. I've addressed already what to do to prevent chaffing, but let's say that we didn't follow that. What are ...
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How do I prevent chafing?

I believe just about every long distance runner, hiker, and many more sports enthusiasts have run into the ever long problem of chafing: caused by constant rubbing of another part of the skin—two ...
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