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The chin-up is a strength training exercise. The intention of this exercise is to strengthen muscles such as the latissimus dorsi and biceps.

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What exercises are good to build up to performing chin-ups?

I can't do a single decent chin-up, are there any easy alternatives that I could build up in quantity as a forerunner to being able to do chin-ups? Alternatively are there are any weights exercises ...
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Where should our legs be when we do pull-ups or chin-ups?

I often see people doing pull-ups / chin-ups with knees bent such that their legs are "hanging" behind. Shouldn't the legs be straight down, perpendicular to the ground? Where should our legs be when ...
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Will chin ups hit my lats or biceps more?

When I perform a pull up, I feel like I am lifting with my lats. But when I do a chin up, it literally feels like its all in my biceps. However, the mechanism still looks like it should be hitting ...
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What difference does hand/arm position make in chin-ups

What difference, if any, will it make if my hands are over the bar rather away from me or behind the bar towards me when doing a chin-up? Does this work different sets of muscles? Is one more ...
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2 answers

Overcoming a chin-up plateau of 6 in a row

I have a problem. I can only do 6 chin-ups in a row before something gives way. I'm able to go for 2-3 sets, usually with a kip on the last on few. With a weight bearing exercise, there are common ...
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Pull-ups - should I start greasing the groove?

I started working out a couple of months ago. Currently, I can do 5-6 clean normal pull-ups and 7-8 clean chin-ups. So far my training has involved going to the gym 2-3 a week. If I wanted to ...
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Why are chin-ups harder than pull-ups?

When looking at world records pull ups always have better numbers than chin ups. For example the record is 707 pull ups in 30 minutes versus 600 chin ups in 30 minutes and the weighted pull up is ...
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What muscles are targeted by these different variations of pull-ups: standard, chin-ups, and the neutral or parallel close grip pull-up?

What muscles or muscle groups are targeted by these different variations of pull-ups: 1.) standard (overhanded), 2.) chin-ups (underhanded), and 3.) the neutral or parallel close grip pull-out (thumb ...
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How to strengthen *very gently* your grip in order to safely perform chin-ups? Are wrist wraps good?

I have recently started trying to do negative chin-ups in several occasions, but afterwards I feel a mild pain in both my left and right wrists. It is not the kind of "healthy" discomfort of sore ...
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Working out at the playground?

So I am having financial trouble and don't want to pay for a gym membership, so I'm wondering about working out at the playground. I would probably be doing pull ups, decline push ups, one legged ...
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Is it safe to suddenly add more weight to weighted pull-ups and dips?

After training pull-ups, chin-ups and dips for a while I started adding weights(slowly with the same amount of set and reps). My weight is ~86kg and I currently add ~12kg using backpack, and do 5 sets ...
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