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Questions tagged [cholesterol]

Organic chemical substance classified as a waxy steroid of fat. Required to establish proper membrane permeability and fluidity.

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4 answers

Can an active person eat more cholesterol?

Looking at the nutritional facts on an egg carton, I see that one medium sized egg satisfies 71% of the daily nutritional requirements for cholesterol. Many bodybuilders eat up to a dozen of eggs per ...
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Is Saturated Fat really as bad for you as people believe? [closed]

So many people say Saturated Fats is bad for you and you shouldn't eat too much fatty meats or dairy because they lead to high cholesterol. Everyone just takes this as fact without asking for proof. ...
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Do any particular exercise regimes consume excess cholesterol?

I've searched for questions about cholesterol before, and haven't found a satisfactory answer; most seemed to be all speculation and little fact. I was wondering whether the generally accepted strict ...
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How many eggs is acceptable to be eaten for a day? [closed]

How many eggs is acceptable to be eaten for a day? Note: I have a little bit of extra cholesterol.
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Effect of whey protein on blood cholesterol level

I am new to body-building ( started 4 months ago; workout 4 times a week ). Due to my lifestyle ( choices ), my diet only contains occasional white meat servings and very little red meat. My intake ...
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36 eggs a day, is it legit?

I watched a video about Vince Gironda's 36 egg a day diet in which it states that the diet is similar to taking a cycle a dianabol. The basics of this idea is that eating dozens of eggs per day would ...
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Food fat content [closed]

While looking at 50g cashew fat content on Wolfram: I see total fat = 35g and saturated fat = 6g, no transfat. What else is counting as fat, I mean 35g - 6g = 29g, what's that 29g? And an additional ...
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Cholesterol level in your body and Running

I easily get out of breath when I am: Climbing stairs - not quickly but normally When I go for jogging in ground (stadium/park) But when I run on treadmill I can easily run for continuous 15 mins at ...
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Is omlette better for the heart than a boiled egg? [closed]

As per this article, the egg yolk (yellow) contains substantial amount of cholesterol while the white contains an insignificant amount of cholesterol. When we prepare omlette, I believe some amount ...
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