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Are circuit style gyms suited for hypertrophy progression?

I have access to a gym offering circuit training with weight machines, meaning people have to use every machine for a timed set of 1 minute and then a 15 sec break to switch to the next machine. My ...
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Understanding the circuit workout style for strength development in THENX program

So I was looking around for some good bodyweight lower back workouts, and I found this interesting workout on the THENX workout channel on youtube. The exercises themselves are good, but I was a bit ...
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How do you increase your performance through circut training?

My aim is to improve the rep numbers of burpees, lunges, push ups and some other exercises that I do. I opt for circuit training alone. However, I dont have much experience in circuit training. What ...
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Is circuit training superior to conventional weight training?

I know that there have been studies that show that more rest between sets, given the same volume, leads to significantly more gains, at the expense of more time in the gym, so circuit training would ...
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Is working out on a muscle one day in a week enough?

So I started working out a week ago and after taking a lot into consideration I started working out on each muscle one day in week.Right now my routine is something like this: Saturday = Shoulders ...
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Circuit Training makes me feel sick [closed]

When ever I do circuit training I feel sick for hours afterwards. I do squats, lunges, bent over rows, push-ups, standing shoulder press, alternate biceps, over heads triceps, and abs and then rest ...
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Confused on Order of Circuit Workout

I'm doing the following circuit workout a couple times a week. Exercise Sets Reps Bench Press 3 12 One arm Row 3 12 Leg extension 3 12 Leg Curl 3 12 ...
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optimal resting period for strength

I'm currently doing a (mainly) body-weight routine that involves 3 circuits of: 15 close grip push ups 15 squats plank 1-2 min 5 chin-ups 5 pull-ups (just started the *ups lagging behind in that dept)...
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How can I improve this workout

I've been doing a body weight workout that I found on regularly for a while now (scaling it up as needed), the workout in its current state is as follows: 3 circuits with ~1-2 min ...
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Food prior to intense cardio

I have recently been on a mission to lose weight and have successfully managed to lose 20 kgs in 4 and a half months via circuit training thrice a week and 8K runs twice a week. I have gone down from ...
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How to find the correct workout plan for myself

I am 26 years old. Ht. 5'6", Wt. 60-67kg. The first time i did weight training, it lasted two months, the second time I tried it, it lasted 3-4 weeks. I have noted the following things which i believe ...
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getting bigger arms by doing just bicep / tricep exercises

I try to find time for 45 - 60 minutes, 2 - 3 times a week for resistance training, where I follow a circuit-training routine. Sometimes, I don't manage, but would manage to squeeze a short one of ...
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circuit weight training and total weight used

I have a question regarding circuit training. I have been reading on circuit training, and it seems optimal for my routine as I don't have much time to spare at the moment but would like to fit in ...
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Supplementing my weekly routine for increased muscle endurance

I'm currently following a full body program that is helping me build muscle at a satisfactory rate. However a friend convinced me to join him and try the "300" workout, which is a circuit program with ...
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How can I correctly log the calorie burn of circuit routines?

I use both Fitocracy and The Daily Burn to track my exercise. I find that one limitation both of them have is that, when I do something like a bodyweight circuit routine, I'm able to record the ...
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Circuit training plan and diet

I am currently enrolled in a circuit training gym and just 'leveled up' to level 3 last month (after about half a year of being in level 1-2 sporadically). I have been more consistent now (2-3 times a ...
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circuit training and walking schedule

I do circuit training at least 5 days a week (30 minutes). It is without equipment combining, running, mountain climbing, burpees, jumping jacks, pushups, squats, ab exercises, etc. I also walk for ...
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Tips to lose fat without running, jogging etc (have bad knee)

I am 27. I have a bad knee from doing dead lifts. Its osteoarthritis the doctor says, so not only did I give up deads but also am refraining from running or other such activities that take a toll on ...
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Can you do circuit training every day?

Is circuit training most beneficial if you do it everyday? Should you take days off or alternate with something else to get better results?
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