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Cold refers to the condition or subjective perception of having low temperature, the opposite of hot.

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How Do I Prepare For Running In Very Cold Wind, Rain, or Snow?

I'm going to be traveling to Chicago, IL in early December and I'm training for a marathon. What kind of preparation and equipment do I need to continue training while I am there? I have run several ...
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Breathing while exercising in cold weather

I've been told when doing cardio to breath in through the nose and out through the mouth. Where I live though, the air is cold enough 3-4 months of the year so that deep breathing through my nose ...
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Should you run with a cold?

I am six weeks away form my first marathon and the last two and half weeks of training have been badly affected as i have been suffering with a bad winter cold. I am still coughing fairly regularly ...
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What precautions to take when running in wintertime?

What are the precautions one should take when running in wintertime (-2 to -10 Celsius, 28 to 14 F)? I want to know in terms of clothing: what is the most appropriate? Should I end a run close to home ...
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Barefoot running in cold weather

I've recently moved to a new city where I've been told the temperature usually settles around -20 deg C in the mid-winter. I either run in Merrell Pace gloves or VFFs, and I've found that when the ...
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Should I run when it is cold?

Should or shouldn't I run when it is cold? Is it easy to pull a muscle?
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Training/Weight lifting in the cold

My weights are out in the unheated garage. I've been on the 5/3/1 program for about 10 months and wish to continue through the winter, does anyone have any advice for training in a COLD environment? ...
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Cold air on the throat and lungs

Running in cold weather sure is painful, since the cold tends to burn my throat; afterward I usually am coughing some minor flem periodically for the rest of the day. Is there a good way to help with ...
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Do swimming caps keep you warm in cold water?

I swim in an unheated outdoor pool in Spring (in the UK). It's cold enough to be uncomfortable but not dangerous (today the water was 14°C, and if it's below 10°C they close the pool). After a length ...
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How can I keep my feet cool and dry?

I'm a bicycle commuter in Toronto, Canada. My feet sweat more than most. In the spring, summer, and fall, I wear closed-toe sandals. But in the winter, I don't, and my feet become overheated and ...
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Is it good to do aerobic exercise after getting mild hypothermia?

I'm looking into the science of cold water swimming from the perspective of a triathlete. Conventional advice states that after swimming in the cold our peripheral body temperature is low and we ...
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Is it beneficial to stay warm after a workout to support muscle gain?

I work out for 1 hour daily in the morning. My trainer told me to stay warm i.e. keep the muscles warm, throughout the day (or at least most of the time) because it helps muscle gain. That is, he ...
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Are cold showers or contrast showers better for recovery? [duplicate]

Nearly every day in the morning, I get up and have a 5 min cold shower. I've heard of contrast showers before, but never tried one (I was too repulsed). I'm relatively adapted (6 months of 5 days a ...
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Exhausted after ice dipping

I am a reasonably experienced swimmer and I was swimming in the nearby lake almost every day through the summer and autumn. I live in northern Europe, and I was still swimming occasionally in October ...
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How can you get your belly to be less sensitive to cold water swimming etc?

I'm not afraid of water or cold, but very sensitive to cold water, especially on my belly, waist and back. When other people claim the water's warm, I have difficulties to breathe. Can I do anything?
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Does exercising in cold burn more calories? [duplicate]

My thoughts are that in winter, especially outdoors winter exercising should burn more calories. It takes more energy to heat up the body for so long. I feel when I eat quite a lot in a day I feel ...
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Does a calorie deficit affect how my body fights a cold?

I've been maintaining a 500-1000 calorie deficit for a while but I've recently caught a cold. I naturally feel like crap and want to recover ASAP. I'm wondering if suspending the diet will help me ...
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Cycling in cold weather: dress warm or dress lightly?

I'm asking this question with a short bicycle trip to and from work in mind (approx. 15 minutes), so maybe there's no difference at all. When it's cold outside, should I dress warm when cycling to ...
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Does FloraFibre help with colds? [closed]

I've got a pretty bad cold and one of my friends gave me some Herbalife FloraFibre and told me that it would help. Is it likely to make a difference?
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Exercising and running in cold / winter [closed]

This year is my first time running regularly, but as the autumn is approaching (and consequently winter, about which I am more concerned about), I would like to know a little more about healthy ...