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Questions tagged [compensation]

Special exercises which help to compensate and reduce overload on body generated by specific repeating sport/movement.

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How hip adductors stabilize core in case of weak abs

In the case of weak lower abs I always read that a common compensation pattern consists of hip adductors taking over core stabilization, that works harder to stabilize the core. But I genuinely don't ...
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How can I teach High School kids that rest is important in progression and resistance training (supercompensation)?

How do you explain to your athletes/players that rest is important in simpler English? Some of my guys go 7 days/week playing basketball and I need a compelling argument to tell them to take a day off ...
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4 votes
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How to compensate swimming overload in the gym?

I'm looking for exercises which can help me compensate muscle overload generated by swimming (mainly crawl). I crawl about 3 to 4 times a week and I want to focus on that style. I heard that you ...
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