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Is there any medically verified research around the benefit of Compression Arm Sleeves?

Seem to have gotten popular after some Basketball players who said to have used them from recovery and then continued using them. ...
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Do heat and/or compression provably aid in preventing injury?

There are sleeves for the elbows and knees which trap heat and, depending on thickness and elasticity, provide compression. They're typically made of neoprene. Ignoring the aspects of support and ...
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Compression Sleeves/Socks for Achilles Tendonitis

This year I've been running much more than years past, and I have my first trail half marathon (with 2500' of elevation gain) coming up in 1 week. 3 weeks ago I was running a hilly training run and my ...
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How can Kinesio tape provide support for tendonitis

I have a mild case of Posterior Tibial Tendonitis, the physio has applied some Kinesio tape for support whilst it heals up. My understanding of tendons and muscles was that there wasn't much friction ...
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Do compression socks help prevent shin splints?

Will compression socks help prevent shin splints? The pain has been occurring on and off for a couple of months.
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Is using compression clothing during a work out a good or bad idea?

I recently saw a question here about using compression clothing while exercising. I do not have any compression clothing. But if it they are a valid exercise tool to enhance a workout I would like ...
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How do I know if my skins compression clothing are too tight or not tight enough?

Recently, I decided to invest in some Skins as I've been doing a bit of exercise. I plan to use them for things like running, cycling and maybe soccer. On the packet I'm right on the verge of being a ...
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