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Bodyweight exercises: how much is overtraining?

I've only ever done weight-lifting, and know that 10-20 sets per week seems to be a good number per muscle group. Now due to COVID, I am doing at-home bodyweight exercises (push ups, pull ups, and ...
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Running during COVID Pandemic Situation? [closed]

I used to run and I enjoyed it a lot. I also practice calisthenics: push ups, pull ups, dips, etc. During this pandemic situation I have kind of stopped running, and diminished my workouts a lot (I ...
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Used to Do StrongLifts But Now Have to Work-Out at Home due to COVID-19

Over the past several weeks, I have been gaining muscle mass and getting close to PRs across the 5 lifts specified in the Strong Lift Program. Now, many gyms are closed across the United States (and ...
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Gyms nationawide are closed due to COVID-19. What is the best way to continue training for a powerlifting competition?

Across all of Canada, all GoodLife gyms, Fit4Less gyms, university gyms, and presumably other gyms are closed, and for a long time. I am training for a powerlifting competition and do not have my own ...
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