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Questions tagged [cramps]

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Abdominal exercise through menstrual cramps or stop?

This is 1 question that has always been in my head ever since I started trying to go from fat and obese to muscular and healthy weight. If my abs are sore or down and outright in pain, I will not do ...
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Experiencing cramps in posterior pelvic crest after even light jogs

Brief background: I am an experienced athlete, 30 yrs old, 190lb/5'11; I play soccer and have always had a very fast 300m. Last couple of months, I have been doing crossfit. I have been going up in ...
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Pain in my chest when doing shoulder shimmies

Long story short, I took some belly-dancing classes a few years back, and recently I've been following along videos with a friend of mine. I'm largely good, except for shoulder shimmies. Every time I ...
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