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Dancing instead of running

I'm considering...actually, I already decided that I want yo substitute running with dancing. Why? Cause it makes life funnier. Is there any drawback and therefore I should keep running at least a ...
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Can pole dancing constrict veins and worsen varicose veins? [closed]

I am a young girl in her twenties and have some visible, dark colored veins on my calves. I want to take up pole dancing but am worried that the rubbing against the pole and tight hugging will worsen ...
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Better muscle memory(dancing) after weight lifting

I tend to learn dance moves much more quickly after I've had a weight lifting workout or even during. Of course, not from the very exhausting ones, but still with huge muscles pump. Why is that? One ...
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General stretches for a group of dancers?

I do modern dancing and my teacher asked me to lead the warm-up / stretch for the other students before class starts. I know that individuals have different needs and should probably have specialized ...
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How do gymnasts and dancers remain so slim, yet so agile and strong?

Having a very small percentage of body fat definitely helps, but even so, how is it possible to do backflips etc. being so slim, while people with huge muscles can't even lift off the ground. What ...
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Goal - lose weight but get stronger. Is weightlifting + dance + martial arts overkill?

I would like to lose some body fat and get stronger. I've always tried to stay active, but due to a bad diet (result of stress) I haven't managed to lose weight as much as I would like. But I think I ...
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What is the difference between a turtle freezes and a peacock pose? [closed]

A turtle freeze is, as I understand it, a breakdancing move where you hold yourself parallel to the ground with your body weight going into your elbows. Pic: Isn't this essentially a peacock yoga ...
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Fitness and weight loss for dancing

I am a dancer and have been dancing competitively since the age of four and will be going to New York for dance this coming September. I am in pretty good shape but I feel like there is one layer of ...
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3 answers

Nutrition while dancing Salsa

I'm underweight (54 kg / 181cm) and therefore want to gain weight. I'm frequently going social Salsa dancing. On a usual night I'm around 4 hours at the Salsa club. Around 2/3 of the time I'm dancing. ...
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How do I increase my stamina for dancing?

I am a computer nerd. I spent every waking moment of my life sitting perfectly motionless in front of a computer screen. (Hell, I'm doing it right now!) ...except that once a week I spend an hour ...
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2 answers

How to recover from 5 days of intense dancing/fitness?

Last year I went to the Montreal Salsa Convention and had lots of fun dancing all those 5 nights. I had bought trail mix bars and whole grain stuff and lots of proper health food to keep me energized,...
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Dancing and the core

I do a lot of salsa dancing and like many other dances you need to have certain muscles subconsciously and almost perpetually tense so that the dancer isn't having to remember to 'flex' all the time ...
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