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14 votes
4 answers

How can you tell if someone is dehydrated?

I was cycling with a group, it wasn't a particularlly hard ride and it wasn't terribly hot outside. During a break one of the riders didn't look good at all and commented that he didn't feel well. We ...
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3 answers

When are electrolyte/sports drinks necessary?

I drink a lot of water through a normal day, even when passive - about 7-9 liters. On days when I work out, I likely drink about 1-3 extra liters. Is there a rule of thumb for taking in extra ...
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4 answers

How do I prevent and/or treat dehydration?

There have been a few times that after a workout that I've gotten dehydrated. Are there preventive steps to dehydration that can be done before/during the workout? If, after the workout or during ...
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Can dehydration really lower our resting metabolic rate?

Ok, that's it. I've read about how dehydration can "slow down" our metabolism one time too many, so I decided to conduct my own research - and find out once and for all, whether or not that's just ...
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3 votes
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Creatine and water retention. Why to drink more water?

They say creatine causes water retention. At the same time they say you have to drink more water if you take creatine in order to avoid dehydration and kidney problems. Doesn't it sound illogical? If ...
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How to avoid post-training brain fuzziness

I know, brain fuzziness isn't a technical term, but hopefully it makes sense... I train in the mornings before work (because the gym is waaay too busy after work), usually around 0700, after waking ...
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Water intake while doing body building workouts?

Some people told me that I shouldn't drink water while doing body building exercises and others told me that I should drink more. All these days, while doing workouts, if I feel thirsty I used to have ...
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1 answer

Pre-spinning suggestions

I have recently started Spinning on a regular basis (once a week). However I seem to become very dehydrated afterwards and this causes me to have a very bad headache for most of the day. I've tried ...
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Standing up suddenly causes tunnel vision? [closed]

Occasionally, when I stand up after laying flat on a bed or couch I will take a few steps and then start to have tunnel/ darkened vision, a slight headache, and sometimes lose some balance, once ...
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How to hydrate / get hydrated / avoid dehydration? [duplicate]

I would like to know how to properly get hydrated? I assume it is more than just drinking lots of water. It was suggested here that one should hydrate before, during and after extensive workouts.
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What is waste product of muscle synthesis, creating unquenchable thirst?

I know there's an assumption in the question but here's the situation. I'm on a lifting program I really enjoy, based on 3x/week compound barbell movements with progressive overload. I know you have ...
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Running medium distances with vs. without hydrating

For runs up to 10 km, I find I can go without drinking water without significant discomfort. I drink about 750ml beforehand. After coming back, I'll drink up a good amount of fluids. Is there an ...
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