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One arm workout

Until 2 months ago I was in the best shape I had been in over a decade. My gym closing was a small setback but the big issue now is my left arm. I tore a tendon in my elbow in late march and it’s ...
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Working out with a shorter left forearm and malformed hand

Here are pictures of my right and left hands (in order): My right arm is generally normal except the hand, though the elbow motion is somewhat limited compared to normal people. (I can’t bend it ...
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Equipment for deadlifts with arm injury

At the very beginning of this video the woman is using some sort of a belt harness to make up for her unfortunately now missing hand, but it is flashed too ...
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I'm missing my left leg, What can I do for exercise? [duplicate]

I need help, like 4 months ago. I can't seem to get out this hole I'm in. I cant move around really well. I have gained so much weight. I need advice.
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