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How to gain muscle and lose fat with running and weight lift?

I´m a 47 years old runner. I use to run 8k 5 times per week, and now I'm trying to lift weight to gain muscle but most importantly, to lose belly fat. I think that running to much, decreases my ...
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Are mass gainers useful to meet calorie requirements?

I am trying to hit 3000 kcals. I get about 2000 cals from normal food. Is it ok to use mass gainer (like Optimum nutrition) to get the remaining? What are some side effects I should watch out for?
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Hard gaining mass in the upper body, recommendations

So I'm an ectomorph male 175cm 70kg and have been going to the gym for almost 2 years. I haven't seen a real improvement at all. My main goal is to increase the size of my arms mostly, and the ...
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How to improve stamina without burning too much calories?

a fitness beginner here. Hopefully someone can share some alternatives on cardio training for a skinny person? For some background, I can commit to hit the gym at least 2-3 times a week. I have ...
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3 votes
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Is jogging prejudicial for ectomorphs trying to gain weight?

I used to run more than 10Km daily(except weekends), on a desperate attempt to develop some muscle on the thighs and calves, but 7months ago I stopped jogging. Of course doing daily runs didn't help, ...
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I can only do body weight squats with proper form - how to compensate?

I only do body weight squats as whenever I use a barbell or dumbbell my form goes crooked i.e I shift on the right side while going down; probably because I am a tall guy. I've tried researching but ...
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8 votes
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I am a physically disabled person and I want to gain weight

I am a 22 year old guy with elbow problems. Eight years before, I fell down from the stairs and my elbow fractured. The doctor could not help me, so I am physically disabled. I cannot straighten my ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Do I lose muscle or fat when on a diet and not exercising much?

I am a thin guy (5'6-3/4" - 138 pounds), somewhere between ectomorth and mesomorph (more towards mesomorth I would think) who eats very little. I have been going to the gym to lift weights twice a ...
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11 votes
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Why do so many fitness websites still reference somatotypes?

Sites like, Men's Fitness, Muscle & Strength, etc. still use terms such as "endomorph, "ectomorph" and "mesomorph". These so-called "somatotypes" were invented by the psychologist ...
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