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How "efficient" can someone be at doing cardio?

It's a common belief that doing cardio for weightloss loses its efficacy over time because that person becomes "efficient" at doing the cardio. As in, the cardio you do burns less over time ...
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Is a stair machine comparable in effort to walking up real stairs?

We're about to do a "stair climb" for charity in a few months and some of the team have been working out on the stair climber in the gym. I'm not convinced this is the same amount of effort required ...
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Is there a table of effort needed when running uphill and downhill?

I'm training by running on trails. There is a lot of uphill and downhill sections in my routes, so I would like to split a route in sections which have similar slope then calculate a pace for every ...
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8 votes
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What are the most effective ab exercises in terms of muscle activation?

Aside from the fact that abs are made in the kitchen, there must be differences among different types of ab exercises. Which are the most effective per unit of time in terms of muscle activation? Tim ...
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How to optimize effort?

Say I run 5 times a week, 2 hard sessions and 3 easy sessions are usually considered better than 5 sessions at the same level. What would be the best approach to estimate how optimal my effort is ...
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What changes between the 5 rep range and the 10 rep range?

Through observation and empirical evidence, a lot of strength trainers and bodybuilders have found that 5-6 reps is ideal for building strength, while 10-12 reps is ideal for building size. I've ...
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