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36 eggs a day, is it legit?

I watched a video about Vince Gironda's 36 egg a day diet in which it states that the diet is similar to taking a cycle a dianabol. The basics of this idea is that eating dozens of eggs per day would ...
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How boiled eggs can help in weight loss?

I have not joined the gym for exercise but only walk of 30 to 45 minutes before my breakfast and after the dinner. In breakfast i take a cup of tea with a slice of brown bread, and in lunch a small ...
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Is omlette better for the heart than a boiled egg? [closed]

As per this article, the egg yolk (yellow) contains substantial amount of cholesterol while the white contains an insignificant amount of cholesterol. When we prepare omlette, I believe some amount ...
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Substituting BCAA supplements with hard boiled egg whites before working out fasted

I've read this article here. Stating that BCAA suppliments can be substituted by consuming the whites of two hard boiled eggs prior to working out. I've been on an intermittent fasting regimen for ...
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How many eggs is acceptable to be eaten for a day? [closed]

How many eggs is acceptable to be eaten for a day? Note: I have a little bit of extra cholesterol.
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Do raw eggs contain protein inhibitors

I have read on other nutrition forums that raw eggs contain some protein inhibitor that prevents humans from digesting the protein correctly. They say when you cook the egg it destroys this inhibitor ...
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Does boiling time change an egg's nutritional content? [closed]

(source: wikipedia) Is there any difference between nutritional content or digestibility of half-boiled eggs (the white is still runny), soft-boiled and hard-boiled eggs? Please explain
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Egg whites and yolks [closed]

I recently watched a program on a bodybuilding website, and something in the diet plan struck me as quite weird. It said, that in the breakfast, you should eat 8 egg whites, but no yolks. That struck ...
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