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Cardio/workout recovery: Potato chips v sports drink

I have a question on recovery after cardio. Given that hydrating and electrolyte post-workout is vital, what is the virtue of sports drinks over water+potato chips (baked)? To be clear, this is a ...
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Post workout supplements?

I have moved to a different city and joined the gym yesterday, last night my workout consisted of 15 minutes running on the treadmill at 10 mph with a 3% incline and 3 sets of leg presses, 35 ...
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Does Potassium Deficiency Really Cause Cramps?

Accordign to Ace Fitness, it is a myth that potassium deficiency causes cramps, since there isn't enough potassium in sweat to deplete potassium. Sodium deficiency is blamed instead. Is this true?
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How and what to drink for 30 min to 1 hour runs, avoiding the marketing hype

From a different question I learned that I probably need more electrolytes during running. I currently run 30minutes in one go, possibly increasing that in the future to up to an hour. So far I drank ...
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Do Too Many Electrolytes Make You Fat

I've been consuming electrolytes before and after sports disolved into water without sugar. Can electrolytes in high volume make you gain weight?
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should I use of energy/electrolyte drinks if I feel fatigue, exhausted and dried throat during exercise

I workout in gym daily morning for 1 hour with high intensity. But after 30 minutes, I start to feel very exhausted, fatigue and dried throat. Because of that, I couldn't push myself for much. e.g. If ...
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Can you take in too many electrolytes during endurance events?

I know I can become subjected to hyponatremia by drinking too much water and not replenishing my electrolytes. But is the opposite possible? Can I put too MANY electrolytes into my body (while still ...
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Mineral water for sport and living

I live in Czech Republic and the doctor here (for other matters I won't get into) suggested that I start drinking a specific mineral water with the following composition in milligram per liter: Na ...
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How much sodium after hard exercise?

After (or during) an hour or three of hard, sweaty running and/or biking, how much salt do I need beyond my normal diet?
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When are electrolyte/sports drinks necessary?

I drink a lot of water through a normal day, even when passive - about 7-9 liters. On days when I work out, I likely drink about 1-3 extra liters. Is there a rule of thumb for taking in extra ...
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