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Is it healthy to drink liquids that are high in sugar during a bike ride?

I had really bad headaches right after long rides, so I went to a doctor. They recommended that I drink a sports drink during the ride to replace my lost electrolytes, or get a premade mix from the ...
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What hand-made drink do you have during workouts? [closed]

So far I've been having a large plastic bottle of fresh water that (1) had pieces of fresh strawberries during the night and (2) contains a few spoons of sugar. Not bad but takes a bit of time to ...
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What is the most scientific way of supplementing body with water during a two-hour gym workout? [closed]

DURING A TWO-HOUR GYM WORKOUT How often does a professional bodybuilder drink water? How much water is necessary in total? Does he/she drink in large gulps or in small sips? Is it a wonderful idea ...
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Is drinking a Coca Cola actually a net energy loss? [closed]

I heard from my chemistry teacher that if you drink a Coca Cola you will get quick energy boost but after 40 minutes or so the takein of such a soft drink will actually result in a net loss of energy ...
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Energy shortage before workout

I am 22-year-old software developer that started with fitness one and a half year ago and I am looking for some advice. Some info Starting weight: 86 kg - 189 lbs Actual weight: 73 kg - 160 lbs ...
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What are the effects of long-term, mass-consumption of sugared, carbonated drinks and what can be done to stop? [closed]

I am a long-term, high-frequency consumer of soft drinks specifically Coca-Cola and Pepsi. In 2015 I am resolved to kick the habit once and for all but it is proving challenging. My average daily ...
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Alternative to coffee

I'm not really sleep-deprived, but lately I've tried taking coffee before working out. I find that my performance was considerably better than without coffee and that I generally feel good afterwards. ...
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What are Some Energy Boosters

First of all, I am not new to the world of fitness and bodybuilding. I have been training for 4 years straight. I've missed days here and there, but never been away for more than 3-4 days. I can lift ...
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What to eat during running?

In an inteview, Kilian Jornet said that during races at the end he gained 1 kilo, for all he was eating during the race. - A half-liter to one liter per hour. - Gels every 30 minutes from the ...
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What are the short term effects of caffeine on workout?

Note that this question is related to Excessive caffeine consumption effect on heart/body. The question and answers however only cover long term usage effects, I want to know about the short term ...
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should I use of energy/electrolyte drinks if I feel fatigue, exhausted and dried throat during exercise

I workout in gym daily morning for 1 hour with high intensity. But after 30 minutes, I start to feel very exhausted, fatigue and dried throat. Because of that, I couldn't push myself for much. e.g. If ...
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What is the best source of renewed energy on longer runs?

I like running longer runs (e.g. half marathons), but after 15-17 km I ofter need some sort of energizer apart from the water you get along the route. The question is then what exactly to take, as ...
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What Supplements Should I Take When Restarting a New Exercise Plan?

I spent about 6 to 7 years working out hard both in the gym and running, when I was in college. When I graduated and got a job, I stopped working out cold turkey. After about 3 years working, I ...
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Excessive caffeine consumption effect on heart/body

Each day I drink lots of coffee and energy drinks (redbull 355ml cans). I go to gym 3 times a week (on evenings). Are there any effects on my workouts? I stopped drinking any caffeine (at least from ...
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