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Exercise balls are soft air filled balls. They are often referred to as swiss balls but should not be confused with medicine balls. Questions are either about the balls itself or different exercises in which the balls are used.

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What are some of the body weight workouts to do post run?

I am looking for some exercise to do at home without needing any weights. I only have access to a medicine ball. I'm looking for exercises that complement and will help me with running. Like box ...
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Exercise ball as a complement

Since I work from home very long hours (9-12h) every day and do not have to conmute, I force myself to be constantly active. I do swimming, bike riding and short workouts (30 min) at a gym 2-3 days a ...
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How to do Trunk Extensions without a Medicine Ball

included in the exercise regimen I've been trying to do is trunk extensions for lower back muscles. in almost all the examples I've seen for trunk extensions, they are done on a medicine ball. I do ...
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Apart from size, what properties make for a good exercise ball?

I wish to use an exercise ball as a chair. I have done this previously with several different brands of exercise ball, and it has worked for me in the past. I noticed that some balls were far comfier ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Ankle exercises with bosu ball

Years ago I tripped in a hole and got a 3rd degree ankle sprain. One of the exercises the physiotherapist told me was to use a bosu ball and do circles with while standing with both feet on it. I ...
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How do I determine what size exercise ball I should use as a desk chair?

I'm 6' tall with long limbs and currently slouch way to much while coding all day at my desk. I can't switch to a standing desk very easily so I would like to try sitting on an exercise ball. What ...
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11 votes
2 answers

How many calories are burnt per hour sitting on an exercise ball?

How many calories are burnt per hour sitting on an exercise ball? I have seen a number of 350 calories extra per day being tossed around on internet with no evidence or explanation. I assume thats ...
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Is it a good idea to use an exercise ball as a chair?

Does using an exercise ball help strengthen your core and back muscles? Are there any concerns or downside with using a body exercise ball as a chair?
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Psoas Muscles Hurt Using Exercise Ball for a Chair

Will my psoas muscles stop hurting after using an exercise ball for a chair for a while? I've been using the exercise ball as a chair for about a week now 4 hours a day at work, and it seems that ...
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What are some good exercises for a beginner to do with an Excercise Ball

I'd like to build a daily or bi-daily strength and flexibility workout around a new exercise ball I have. What are some good exercises to start with?
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