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How to build strength for 40lb kettlebell turkish getup and snatch with just body weight

Background: I am in a situation where I do not have access to a gym nor have any additional weights around nor equipment like parallete, pullup, dip bars etc. The only odd thing I have is a 40lb ...
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What is the benefit of doing isometric exercises followed explosive movements?

For example, doing a wall sit followed by squat jumps. Seen this pattern many times in workouts, and it indeed feels effective. I would like to read more about it but don't know what it's called and ...
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Should I deload to be able to do a movement explosively?

Most every exercise I do I end up doing fairly controlled positive reps - aiming for “decent” form first of all for most of my work reps, ending a set if I feel there’s too much wobble. (The routine I ...
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Muscle size and explosivity

Seeing guys like Bruce Lee, there doesn't seem to be any correlation between muscle size and explosive power. Is this correct? In terms of musculature, how does the body create explosive power?
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Best ways to add explosive strength to a barbell training/HIT program?

I am a 45 year old male. For 2 months I have been training weights acccording to the Starting Strength program twice a week. That is except for the power clean which I have not been doing yet. My ...
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best position for explosive pushups

When trying to do clap pushups or any pushup where both hands leave the ground is there an ideal hand positioning for maximizing power? I typically do them with my hands directly below my shoulders ...
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Finding correct weight and speed of exercise for explosive power

I'm training to increase my explosiveness for basketball so I'm doing high intensity workouts at the gym and sprints, the goal is to build as much fast twitch muscle as possible. I've read that you ...
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Gym routine for advanced taekwondo practitioner

I am 25 years old female, doing WTF taekwondo(Olympic) for over 10 years(black belt). My height is 165 cm, weight 53 kg. My question is - what to do in the gym to help my sparring? Especially I want ...
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Do explosive movements necessarily lead to injury over time?

Many exercise movements are recommended to be performed slowly, deliberately, and under control. Slow and controlled movements help to mitigate the risk of sudden and excessive stress and twists ...
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High reps of explosive exercises?

We know the benefits of explosive exercise like clapping push ups, changing grip pull up, Bulgarian split squats. That is, they help increase power and speed. So if I do these with endurance rep ...
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How do I track improvement in my box jump?

The gym I currently train at doesn't have equipment for Olympic lifting with barbells, so instead I'm using dumbbell Olympic lifts and box jumps (with either one leg or both) for my power/...
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