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The foot (plural feet) is an anatomical structure found in many vertebrates. It is the terminal portion of a limb which bears weight and allows locomotion.

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What are the implications of using kettlebells with flat feet?

I have a kettlebell but I have found it difficult to maintain proper posture when doing swings. I am worried that doing the swings with pronated feet is likely to cause some type of damage, and trying ...
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When you have both ankle and hip mobility issues, which should you address first?

As I've gotten older and become more sedentary due to remote work, I do not feel as stable/comfortable in a deep squat as I used to be. Looking in the mirror I can tell that it is both an ankle and ...
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Single leg stand exercise

Am I right in thinking that this exercise can be used to strengthen your feet aswell as your hips? In the past I was given it by a physio due to my problems with flat feet / plantar fasciitis. The ...
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Single foot turned outwards, knee pain [closed]

I have a persistent problem that I can't manage by myself by stretches & strenghtening. First of all I'm 35 and for last 10 years I was running, mostly trail running and mountain running for no ...
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Is it normal when doing yoga to develop calluses on the toes?

I started to practice yoga online for the Covid-19 pandemic and currently I have been practising almost every day already for around half a year. The phalanges proximales and the phalanges mediae are ...
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How do you (gently) strengthen the tops of the feet for poses like Urdhva Mukha Svanasana?

I've been doing yoga for several years now, and I still can't really tolerate the pressure or pain that comes with going to the tops of the feet in this pose, such that I stay on my toes instead. For ...
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How to learn to do 'big toe taps' excercise?

I hope someone here can answer this question. This excercise is described almost in all running books. It is very good for foot coordination and strengthening. Very good excercise for runners. The ...
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Bare feet vs lifting shoes for people with flat feet

I have extremely flat feet, and I was wondering if I should do my heavy lifts (squats, dead lifts) with dedicated lifting shoes, or with bare feet. Right now I'm doing my lifts bare-foot on a hard ...
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How long does it take to increase ankle mobility?

My heels lift up during a regular squat, but no problem during sumo squat or lunges. I've learned this is due to poor ankle mobility, and that foam rolling the calves and some stretches can fix this....
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Getting blister-y feet after long evening walks

Since the New Year, I've been doing 2-3 hours walk every night, while eating less. People remark that I look like I'm 30 lbs lighter now in April. I feel good but not that good ... My question is: ...
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How can I get rid from feet pain? [closed]

After a hard day sometimes, I feel pain in my feet . Specially in night I feel that my feet are suffer a strange pain. How can I get rid from this pain?
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Can you actively prevent or fix flatfoot?

Is it possible to actively prevent or fix/heal flatfoot by means of exercises (stretching, muscle strengthening etc.)? Passive prevention or fixing would mean f.x. arch supports / orthopedic insoles -...
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Is it possible to move each toe individually?

I'm wondering if it is possible (probably with lot of training) to control each of my toe independently of the others. Big toe and pinky: no problem, but the three middle ones: I can't. This ...
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Flat feet causing knees to point in [closed]

Since I can remember, my knees have pointed inward when bending at the knees. If I stand with my feet an inch or two apart, facing forward, and start bending my knees, they quickly knock into each ...
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Should I jump rope even though I suffer from flat feet?

I have flat feet. I don't think it's that severe though. It was my leg day a couple of days back and I did squats, lunges, exntensions, curls and some rope jumps. However, today, my left knee hurts. ...
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Which gait is more healthy?

I have heard from friends, whose source is unknown to me, that it is healthier to walk by setting your toes upon the ground before your heel, but I always step on my heel first, unless I am carrying ...
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What kind of feet do I have?

Running has evolved into a popular enough sport that it seems like you can get a special pair of shoes for almost every type of feet. My only problem is trying to identify exactly what type of feet I ...
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How can ballet dancers deal with ingrown toenails? [closed]

I am suffering from ingrown toenails as a result of fairly recent and constant ballet dance routines. I got them cut back at a chiropodist but it still hurts. What should I do ? Keep cutting them back ...
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Running with bunions: technique, shoes, etc

Are there any other runners out there who have bunions on their feet? If so, has running led to any long-term or short-term health problems? Is it worthwhile to get a special pair of shoes to ...
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what are some great foot stretching exercises

I've just walked a couple of miles on a hike and my feet are really sore. I'm wondering if there were any good feet stretching exercises that I could do without any specialized exercise equipment. ...
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What solutions for heavy foot dumbbells

To do fitness (the Desbonnet/Rouhet method) I need foot weights from 8 to 15Kg (17 to 33lbs) per foot. I only found 2Kg (4.5lbs) weights that you strap around your ankles. I would need to attach at ...
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Are maximalist shoes like Hoka good for running?

When I was running with low shoes (close to barefoot), I was getting a lot of injuries in my feet, but these injuries were minor; after just 3 days of recovering, my feet were much stronger. After a ...
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When running with toe-first technique, should heels touch the ground?

I'm a beginner runner for years. Usually I've had to stop running after a while because of knee problem or common colds. Because of the first, I've got interested in toe-first technique (referred also ...
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How can I analyze my running gait?

They say there are more than one types of step. Is there any exam that can help me know my foot angle/type/format/etc, so i can buy running shoes that are good for my feet?
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Son walks with feet turned out but bounces on his toes, he runs very slow, but wants to play sports without pain? Any corrective tips? [closed]

My son is 13, 5'10", wears a size 14.5 shoes and has a very tall father and sisters. He hasn't hit his growth spurt yet and I am concerned about his gait and his desire to play sports, but his ...
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Is there a way to prevent swollen feet from barefoot running?

I'm doing barefoot running on streets (tarmac) for approximately one month now. In this time I had several blisters, scratches and pain in the ankle. Now everything works pretty fine, except my feet ...
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