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Is discomfort after training okay when rehabbing a muscle fiber tear? [closed]

I do bodybuilding and powerlifting and had a muscle fiber tear in my teres major and/or lat (wasn't totally clear on the ultrasound) 4 weeks ago. As directed I gave it full rest for 10 days, then ...
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Developing fast twitch muscles with small weights

Or, do we have to use heavy weights for that? Would isometric exercise be of any use? (theoretically I imagine that these don't have a top of force applied).
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Where can I get nutrition information about food? [closed]

I am plannign on making an app that uses nutritional information about food, but finding good and reliable sources in the Internet for it is proving to be a challenge. Every website displays ...
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How much fiber should I (not) eat?

Many nutrients consumption recommendation come in % of calories per day. One should not get more than 30% calories from protein to avoid kidney overload ; One should get around 30% calories from fat ;...
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Does juicing make fiber digestible? [closed]

I was just talking with a nutritionist who told me that when you mechanically blend a fruit you make the fiber become more digestible to your body Hence you lose a little bit of the benefit of ...
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Fiber Menace - How scientific is this book? [closed]

After drastically increasing my fiber intake for nearly a month at the suggestion of family members via breads, fruits, vegetables, and juices, I ran into constipation so severe that I was unable to ...
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Are protein and fiber obtained from "shakes" used by the body as effectively as if they were obtained from unprocessed foods?

Recently I've been frequently consuming protein/nutrition shakes. Sometimes I make them myself using whey protein powder or a mix. Sometimes I buy them from cafe's such as Starbucks' protein/fiber ...
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Does fiber cause heartburn?

We're apparently supposed to increase fiber slowly into any new diet, which is what I have been doing. I have simply switched from white bread to brown bread (whole wheat). For some reason I am ...
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4 votes
3 answers

What high-fiber low-carbohydrate foods are good for my exercise plan?

I'm trying to put together a nutritional plan for myself for weight loss combined with cardio to keep me healthy and active, but am finding it difficult to incorporate fibre without overdoing the ...
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Help me adjust the GDA for my BMR to lose weight

Based on GDA (Guideline Daily Amounts), the GDA for someone who has a BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) of 2500 calories a day is: Calories 2500.00 kcal Protein 55.00 g Carbohydrate 300....
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