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Will reducing Calluses improve or worsen blistering (running)

I have calluses on the inside-side of the balls of my feet. I have tried a few pairs of trainers and still get persistent blisters under the calluses. I would like to minimise blistering whilst ...
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Footwear for swimming pool and change room [closed]

I do a lot of swimming and am often in change rooms. What is good to wear on your feet? I'm thinking of getting flip flops or sandals and was wondering if there's any type in particular that are well ...
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How to keep your feet from heating up during your run

I have been running 5k since last month and slowly building up my pace. The only problem that I face is that my lower part of the feet heats up during my run. I wear NIKE DUAL FUSION RUN 3 MSL PRM ...
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Length of sit vs. stand at adjustable desk?

Are there any general guidelines (not hard rules), on how long you should sit vs. stand at an adjustable desk? Especially as you begin to adjust to one. This is in part following up on the answer to ...
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Toenail partially kicked off and lifted up... what now? How do you clean lifted up toenail? [closed]

About an hour ago, I was working out barefoot (yeah, I know... really, really bad idea), accidentally kicked the bench's base, and ended up with a big toenail that was still attached, but separated ...
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Do athletic socks make a difference to performance?

There are plenty of selections that athletes have in selecting socks. Most of these socks are ear toward moisture whicking material. My question is, do these type athletic socks make a difference in ...
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