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which foot is forward on skatebaord [closed]

I'm a little bit confused which foot should be forward and which is back. For example from How to Determine If You Are Regular or Goofy Footed: Skateboarders typically use their dominant foot as the ...
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I cannot tilt my foot inwards

Just for the record I am not asking for any exercises/physical therapy advices, although if its allowed here, I would be very much thankful for these. I mainly want to know how I can describe the ...
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1 answer

Foot splay whilst running

Hi all, I’ve noticed that I have foot splay just on the right hand side whilst running. Is this a problem or just a natural quirk? Anyone else experience this? Thanks all.
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2 answers

How to learn to do 'big toe taps' excercise?

I hope someone here can answer this question. This excercise is described almost in all running books. It is very good for foot coordination and strengthening. Very good excercise for runners. The ...
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Will reducing Calluses improve or worsen blistering (running)

I have calluses on the inside-side of the balls of my feet. I have tried a few pairs of trainers and still get persistent blisters under the calluses. I would like to minimise blistering whilst ...
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1 answer

Pronation in shoe wear

I have recently started running and bought myself a pair of running shoes, but from what I've been told, I need to make sure they are the right fit for me. I've been reading about pronation and I've ...
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Is there a correct way to run? [duplicate]

I started to run two days ago, but i am not sure if i am doing this correctly. I am interested in know if there is some tips and tricks about run, dos & don'ts. Thanks!
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Dangers of attempted self-correction of foot weight distribution issue?

When I stand normally I feel the bulk of my weight distributed under the big toe joint (the joint closest to the foot proper), and the inside of my heel. I presume this is abnormal. Also, I've had ...
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3 answers

How can I train for a marathon with a damaged toe?

I've recently severely damaged the ligaments on my big toe, and can barely walk and have been advised that it is likely to take at least 6 weeks before I can run on it again. Unfortunately, this ...
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1 answer

Foot arches flatten during lunges

I find my right foot arch tends to flatten during lunges. How can I hold my arches? Any cues? There is no pain associated with this. I have imbalance of strength in both hips and legs. So, I ...
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Muscle spasm/contraction

Recently I have started a program to strengthen(and learning to activate) specific muscles relating to overpronation(abductor hallucis, flexor digitorum brevis etc.). After a few weeks I'm now able ...